Rowina (16 Dec 2010)
"A date related to 3:22, to Jean and everyone"

Jean Stepanoski said that Thursday December l6, is Tevet 10 on the Jewish calendar.
I read elsewhere that it is Tevet 9.  (We are getting used to these differing interpretations
of Jewish calendars).

I told you that I saw a clock say 3:22 AM the other night, after having decided, without a clock,
in another room, that this might be the time of night that it was.  Harvey Troyer suggested
that this number might be related to the Skull and Bones number of 322, but remember,
Harvey, there is a colon in there, which might make it mean something else, perhaps a

If we are now in the 3rd month of the Jewish year, Tevet, might the 22 be the twenty-second
day of Tevet?   And if we count ahead from Tevet 9 or 10, depending on which is the correct
day corresponding to December 16, 2010, we come to December 28 or 29, 2010.

Still in the season.

If I am counting wrong, please be kind enough to let me know, Jean or someone.
I am a bad counter.  Always was slow at "Math" in school.

Maranatha, may He in His mercy come.

Mariel  Rowina