Rowina (13 Dec 2010)
"To Chris K on "your little girl""

Oh how I feel for you when I think of your distress in leaving behind your "little girl"
if you are raptured soon and she does not go too.

I wonder how old she is?  Most people think that children up to the "age of accountability"
will be raptured.  Some put that age at puberty, say, around 13.

One reason why I am in a hurry for the rapture is to save my grandchildren, who are 8
and 5.  How long before they reach the age of accountability?  If they are left behind,
it will be with atheist parents.

You must be about the age of my son, who is an atheist.  How he got that way is a long,
distressing, hopeless-world story.  Of course I pray for him all the time that the Holy Spirit
will suddenly grab him, or that after the rapture he will at least then recognize what happened.

But in the meanwhile, what of his children?  His wife is a good mother, but she left her childhood
Jehovah's Witness family long ago.  Her mother won't speak to her or even to the grandchildren.
She goes along with my son's atheism, although she doesn't talk much about it.

The younger child, 5 years old, told me at the age of 4 that he knew his grandpa, that is, my
husband, was in Heaven.  That God was the Boss there.  I asked him how he knew this, since
his parents did not tell him, and I was not allowed to if I wanted to see the child.  I wondered if
he learned this at pre-school.  He said he "just knew it".  So either an angel told him, or a
preschool kid told him about God being the boss, and old people going to Heaven.

But the older child has not expressed anything like this.  He DID speak of his grandpa in
the "present tense" recently, as if he were still alive.  That is hopeful!   He is a very intelligent
child and he would not use the present tense by mistake.  Probably he picked up some of
his younger brother's thoughts.

So, it is possible that your daughter will pick up faith from some source you have not
thought of.  School, for one thing.  We always grouse about our atheist school system,
but remember that kids from Christian families sometimes go to these schools, and kids
talk!  They talk about God and about theology, even debate theological positions, in their
own terms, things they learned from adults in their lives--or maybe from angels.

Kids who are home schooled by Christian parents of course have that advantage, but
don't underestimate what happens in public schools.

I also grew up in a non-believing family, and I learned EVERYTHING in school.   I learned
about Jesus, about God, about Heaven.  I learned it from Christian kids and even from Jewish
kids.  Of course, in those days the teachers themselves provided Christian education, even
in public school, through the Christmas pageants, the Christmas carols, and the Christmas
decorations we made every year.  This Christian education in public schools is one reason
why I a always in favor of "Christmas", even though some followers of the Lord say it is a pagan
holiday we should not celebrate.  Think of the children who learn about Jesus at school!  It
is still happening.  Unless you find some way to stop the kids from talking to one another between
classes, or even in class (whispering) you will not be able to keep the knowledge of Jesus out of
the schools.  The atheists are trying hard!  And this is one thing horrible about our current decaying
culture, that the atheists are trying so hard to stamp out this knowledge in schools.

I suppose your daughter lives with her mother, who is not a Christian, or else you could talk
to her yourself.  How sad for you, Chris!

Ask Jesus to take care of your little girl, and know that He will provide a canopy of His love to
shelter her.  She may have to struggle, if she is old enough to be left behind, but He will answer
your prayer to save her soul.  It is amazing, grace.

Your sister in struggle,

Mariel Rowina