Rowina (11 Dec 2010)
"To Steve W:  there will be no "millennial exclusion""

Steve, I agree with you.  It is errant to think that those whose works are not adequate will be
excluded from the joys of Heaven during the Millennium--I do agree with you that this
undervalues the triumph of Jesus over our sins.

I objected a while back, on Doves, when this doctrine was brought up before.

No, the basic Gospel is still in force.  Stick to the basics!  We will all be in Heaven with
Christ at the rapture.

The smallest mansion in Heaven is better than the greatest palace on earth.

And our tasks in serving Him after the rapture are not yet known to us; this is a mystery.

Chuck Missler said that Heaven is the real reality; what we did here will be as a dream,
an entanglement in a computer program which we have escaped.

I believe we will indeed have personal characteristics after the rapture which were formed
here in this "entanglement", but we will all be happy with the way we are.  It is impossible
not to be happy in Heaven where we will all be.  If a person is just a "small one" in Heaven,
not a "leader", he/she will still be very happy in his or her place.

Happiness is coming, look up!  Listen to the beautiful tape presented today
by Luis Vega about the rapture, and the souls coming together from everywhere
to be with Him.  Everywhere on earth, they are getting ready!

Mariel Rowina