Robert Belanger (9 Dec 2010)
"Re: Rowina : Eliminating Environmental Metal Toxins"

Dear Rowina,
Thank you for the comments relative to my recent prayer for you. I appreciated your taking the time to write from your heart.
Concerning the environmental toxins, have you considered the use of activated chelation as embodied in the Zeolite product. I am taking this and it seems to be helpful. I use just three drops a day in drinking water. You must drink plenty of water when using zeolites.
The idea of chelation is that the zeolite molecular structure attracts and encapsulates the toxin molecules such as mercury,and other metals. inside the structure and it is passed into the urinary waste stream.
The following site is a good place to start reading if this is a new idea for you.
Best wishes with the chemo and other approaches you are using. May God richly bless and keep you in His peace and comfort.