Robert Belanger (28 Dec 2010)
"Re: Amanda"

Dear Amanda,
We all thank God, I think, for the Internet and email. It makes possible connections between people with like interests and concerns that otherwise would probably never have an opportunity to develop and grow. Your personal history is a tragic and touching tale. You do not have to be taken down or be a victimized part of it any longer, our Lord can and will come to your rescue. You must always believe this in your heart.
Truly evil forces are so very active now as they sense their soon banishment from God's Kingdom. Therefore, we must be vigilant and ready to call out for help to God. He will hear you, Amanda, and will come to your rescue.. He promised to do so and has done so to many including myself. I am totally convinced that He is ready to come to your aid and is waiting to hear from you.
Go now into the silence of your spirit and tell Him you need Him and only He can solve your problems at this time. Then be quiet and wait to hear His voice speaking to your mind and spirit as only He can do, Amanda. He will speak to you and then respond in action in ways that you will find both mysterious and wonderful!
I send His love to you Amanda,
Dear heavenly Father, consider again the plight of Amanda and show Your infinite mercy and grace. We believe in You and Your Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit that ministers to us in our times of need. Descend on Amanda's spirit and envelop her with your never-ending healing presence. Let her experience Your peace and comfort, as she navigates the troubled seas that surround her now. She has acknowledged Your presence and as You promised please "direct her paths" according to Proverbs 3:6
Dear Father, Amanda looks forward to being with You and Jesus in heaven so very soon as we all do, as we make our daily way through life. You asked us to "Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body." Hebrews 13:3 You also promised to "never leave thee nor forsake thee" in Hebrews 13:5 those who love You.  I am suffering some of her pain now with my sister in Christ, Amanda, and ask that You come to her rescue and create a little piece of heaven in her life now.
Dear Father, it is so hard here sometimes. The forces of evil are relentless and need to be battled every day in the name of Your Son.
Amanda, pray with me now: Demons and evil spirits depart from me and my surroundings now and be cast into the bottomless pit never again to torment me or anyone else. I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Your awesome and beautiful Son who gave His life to save many including my own.
Heavenly angels, protectors of those who call on you, be ever by Amanda's side and help fight off the enemy forces of evil that have embedded themselves in the lives of those that surround her now and seek to destroy
them and her. Don't let them succeed, Father, please strengthen and fortify Amanda as she takes actions in behalf of those who love You and Your Son. Please, Father, please hear this prayer.
And in closing, dear heavenly Father, we thank You so very much for Your compassion, grace and mercy towards us who still reside in enemy territory and daily look forward to the rapture and our final liberation into Your Kingdom.
Our belief in Jesus' promises keeps us going and if it were not for His gift of salvation we would truly be lost forever in our sins. We offer in sincere and never-ending gratitude our deep and heartfelt appreciation for Your being the good and loving God that You are and will forever be. All praises are sent to You!