Rich Fletcher (24 Dec 2010)
"It's A Wonderful Life (Doves, Need Your Help)"


It's not often that you'll see this in the media - or on an AOL-backed website, but this I had to share.

I authored this story about what Christmas means to me. And, on (AOL backed), I made Christmas about Jesus Christ. (what a interesting idea, right?). But now I need your support!

No, not money! I need you to click on the link below, read the story, and then forward the link to family and friends. I want to write more stories on Jesus and use AOL's forum to do it - but I have to make a strong first impression to make my case..

If you know of any solid Christian blogs or websites, please post my story link there.

Let's show that Christians do care about Christmas, that Jesus is the King of Kings, and that our voices do count!

Merry Christmas, Rich