Reddhy (28 Dec 2010)
"Don't Forget The Financial Meltdown Of 2010"


that occured in Haiti .... on January 12th 2010 ... mere 11 days after New Year's celebration .... a
gigantic earthquake rocked and shocked the small island nation to its knees and till today they are still
no where near normal recovery. They are currently at the mercy of aid groups of various sorts. May God help
those poor people and bring the light of Chrst into their hearts .... Please, let's not soon forget them but in
this festive season and as we sit in our warm homes with fresh clean running water .... comfortably
reclining and sipping our favorite mixtures of chocolate .... may we dig deep in our pockets and continue to
extend sympathy and kindness to the destitute and hopeless  .... 2010 was/is Haiti .... No telling who may
get hit come 2011 .... Lord have mercy upon us ALL!