Paul N. F. (22 Dec 2010)


By A. W. Tozer

And ye shall be witnesses unto me. Acts 1:8

    The teachings of Jesus belong to the Church, not to
society, for in society is sin, and sin is hostility to God!

    Christ did not teach that He would impose His
teachings upon the fallen world.  He called His disciples to
Him and taught them, and everywhere throughout His
teachings there is the overt or implied idea that His
followers will constitute an unpopular minority group in
an actively hostile world.

    The divine procedure is to go into the world of fallen
men, preach to them the necessity to repent and become
disciples of Christ and, after making disciples, to teach
them "the ethics of Jesus," which Christ called "all things
which I have commanded you."

    The ethics of Jesus cannot be obeyed or even
understood until the life of God has come to the heart of
a man or woman in the miracle of the new birth.

    The righteousness of the law is fulfilled in those who
walk in the Spirit.  Christ lives again in His redeemed
followers the life He lived in Judea, for righteousness can
never be divorced from its source, which is Jesus Christ
Yours in Christ,
Paul N. F.