Phil Rogers (30 Dec 2010)
"To Jean Steponski and Doves"

Jean, to quote you from part of your post on the 28th:
"Part of my difficulty has been questioning an unquestioned idea, almost like an unthinkable idea. Can the Blessed Hope people be here beyond day 1, by days and weeks, into the period called The 70th Week of Daniel? I believe we can for important reasons."
Jean, this very concept of us being here into the 70th week of Daniel is exactly what we have been trying to teach here on the Doves since late 2006!  But not just by days or weeks into the 70th week, but being here into the "midst of the week" (the 4th year)!
It is the only time in which ALL SCRIPTURE can be justifiably fulfilled! And of that fulfillment is that of Christ's office as our Mediator/ High Priest/ ADVOCATE to the Father for our sins against the accuser/ Satan of the brethren!
We are now there with under a month to go!

In looking for Christ's Coming and Kingdom:
Phil Rogers