Phil (30 Dec 2010)
"Poms Retain the Ashes for William"

John and Doves,
Yes, the Ashes. Now I know that people in the USA haven't cottoned on to this grand game of cricket fought between
two sides comprising 11 players each but we forgive you about that.
However, downunder, here in Australia, the English team (Poms) have just retained the old urn (containing the Ashes)
by beating Australia comprehensively at the Melbourne Cricket Ground today 12/29/2010.
The ABC radio commentator said it was the first time in 24yrs and a day that the Poms had achieved such a feat here in Australia.
12/29/2010 is day #363. 363 = 11x11 + 11x11 + 11x11.
And there is a 29 in the middle adding to 11 as well. So if we put 11 in the middle of the digits we get a lovely symmetrical
121121. And 121121 divided by 11 = 11011.
Remember too the three occurrences of 29 associated with the weddings of Charles and Diana and William and Kate?
Back to the cricket -
24 years and 1day? 24years and 24hrs then. Or 8+8+8 yrs and 8+8+8 days. Now that IS very odd.
And this just 24 + 24 hrs to the end of the year, or 8+8+8 + 8+8+8 hours. Whoa!
Many commentators could not believe Australia played so badly. Yes, we did have 11 players and not only 4.
Remember The Open Scroll and the 2008 closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on 8/24/2008?
8+2+4+2+8 = 24 = 8+8+8.
They had a magnificent display of the conception, birth and baptism of antichrist. They had the female
reproductive system on show and 8 female eggs zooming around on bicycles.
It is just coincidence of course. It wasn't planned that way - the cricket I mean. It couldn't have been a set-up
could it? People don't do that sort of thing in cricket do they? It is such an honourable game after all.
Perhaps the Poms were allowed to retain the Ashes after previously achieving the same feat 24 years and 24 hrs ago
because it is a present for Prince William's wedding.
Yes, you see because from 12/29/2010 (today, day #363 see above) to 4/29/2011(Wills' wedding) it is precisely 121 days or 11x11 days.
Day #363 = 11x11 + 11x11 + 11x11 plus 11x11 days leads to William and Kate's wedding day, 4/24/2010
God is still in control.
Keep looking up,