Phil (17 Dec 2010)
"Oprah's Stay Downunder is Loaded with 8's"

John and Doves,
Oprah arrived in Cairns, Qld, Australia on 12/8/2010.
Oprah left Australia on 12/16/2010.
Day's stay = 8
Arrived on the 8th
Left on the 16th = 2 x 8.
And here -
And Channel 7 TV news at 4.30pm today, 16th.
Remember The Open Scroll and the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing on 8/24/2010.
It was piled high with the number 8, their New Beginning. It showed the conception, birth and enthronement of their man.
It mimicked the Bible and God's plan of redemption. 8 were saved on the Ark to start anew.
Here are the key significant numbers connected with her visit.
Oprah brought with her 302 special audience guests. 302 is the Hebrew gematria of Barack (Obama).
Her two shows in Australia at the Sydney Opera (Oprah) House were recorded on the 14th Dec.
Her stay was for 8 days, arriving on an 8 and leaving on a double 8.
302 + 14 + 8 = 324.
324 = 18 x 18 or (6+6+6) x (6+6+6).
When digits are added 3+2+4 = 9 or 3+3+3
But more interestingly when digits are multiplied 3x2x4 = 24 or 8+8+8.
She left on 12/16/2010. 1+2+1+6+2+1 = 13.
She stayed for 8 days or 1 week and 1 day forming an 11.
Thus all the key occult numbers are contained in her visit to Australia.
So, what does all this mean?
Keep looking up,
God is still in control.