Phil (15 Dec 2010)
"We must save 13 billion litres of water this summer"

John and Doves,
Here in Western Australia, because of low rainfall this winter, we are being asked to save 13 billion litres of water over summer.
The plan is called "Target 60" which requires every person to save 60 litres per day.
Quote from the Water Corporation website -

"Last week we saved 95 litres per person per day, which has contributed to an overall saving of 1.6 billion litres of water since 1 December.

This is a great start. But remember, we had a cool week with some rainfall. Its vital for everyone to keep up the good work - especially if we

are to achieve the total 13 billion litres we need to save this summer.

Be sure to download your Target 60 plan. Its full of indoor and outdoor water saving tips." (Notice that the word Target has 6 letters)

A local talkback radio station pointed to a survey carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that a total of 104 billion litres

had been lost in the year ending June, 2009 for the whole of WA.

An interview with a Water Corp spokesman on the same programme showed that the Corp itself is losing 18 billion litres per year in Perth through leakage from faulty pipes!

But who comes up with these figures? 60, 13, 18 and 104? (104 = 13 x 8)

It is becoming like a bad dream.

Keep looking up,