Paul Wilson (7 Dec 2010)
"RE: Re Paul Wilson - Would the Prohibition Apply to"

I’m sorry but your answer has just confused me. I was asking about TEMPORARY tattoos as I was thinking of getting some for my little cousin he is about 7 1/2 years old. The earring part was just clarifying that the cutting part was just about for death. But mainly I am wondering about the temporary tattoos. Should I get them or would that be causing him to sin by using them???
Chris K (6 Dec 2010)
"Re: Paul Wilson - Would the Prohibition Apply to"

To Paul and all the Doves,
  As Christ said, He came not to do away with the Law, but, to fulfill it. And, as your namesake Paul the Apostle spoke, "These things were written as a shadow of those things to come", We must look for the spiritual substance that those shadows foretell.
  In spite of the fact that we should know by "the Spirit of Christ" that its inappropriate to mark or pierce or bodies, those things in and of themselves are not sin. However, whatever significance or meaning we ascribe behind those actions and images very well could be(and probably are) sinful. Having done them before we came to a saving knowledge of Christ, of coarse, cancels out any personal responsibility we might otherwise have had without the sacrificial blood of Christ Jesus.
  So, it is the spiritual nature behind the act and symbolism thereof that would have the condemning effect. What is your intent....
  Now, I could imagine a scenario by which God would ask one of His called out ones to mark or mutilate their body(not necessarily of their own volition, though), but, under only the most extreme or broken of circumstances. God will occasionally expect of us actions(or inaction) that  do not represent His perfect will in order to bring something good out of a broken or bad situation.
  That is what the CROSS is all about, submission to GOD, even unto spite of the fact that we know God does not really want our death(except for our rebellious nature)
  The image of Christ' mutilated body and the submission He demonstrated in allowing it to happen is the premier example of that. He did "nothing" in order to bring that about(except maybe doing good), knowing the outcome, but, "despising the shame"...He allowed them to Mark, Pierce and Crucify His Son' body in order to bring about HIS working for good!!!
  That alone should be enough to convince us to do nothing, through our own action, to His body.
  But, wait a minute.....WE ARE HIS BODY. So, if you are talking about a choice in the future(or now) to mark or pierce HIS BODY, I would say, be very cautious! No need to draw or immolate this flesh which is set for death, but, if the Holy Spirit, asks it of you...well, just make sure its HIS will.
  I apologize if I sound as if I'm pontificating. I have both tattoos and piercings from before the Lord turned me back to "the Way" of life and have dwelt much on these matters and have actually seen how the Lord has used my previous sinful behavior symbolically, to show me the "before and after" of it!
  I have a picture of an Indian on my arm shooting an arrow aimed at my heart that I now understand it to be that mighty hunter of men' souls, who would rather see us dead than worshiping the one and only true GOD and His Son Christ Jesus.
  Thank you for this place in which to speak about and confess my own helpless and sinful state, thank GOD we have a Savior!!!
                                                                                your brother Chris K.