Paul Wilson (4 Dec 2010)
"The 2300 Day Tribulation Crunch"

The Bible is the infallible word of God. He said that the two witness’ would preach twelve hundred and sixty days so that must happen and he said that the AC would reign forty and two months so that must happen. Since these are both true than they must over lap each other by at least 7 months in order for them to both happen in a 2300 day time frame. Yet most here speak of the witness’ dying right at mid trib either right before or right after the AC seizes power. The two theories can not mesh. If they die mid trib and he hasn’t been in power long than it must be a full 2520 days. If the trib is 2300 days then they can not die till he has been in power for some time.
I post this because some still talk of the days being shortened to 2300 and yet no one talks of these two unalterable times given to us in that shortened context.