Paul Wilson (20 Dec 2010)
"The Year 1977 in the USA - Strange movies and occurrences"

congratulations on your B-day I hit that age marker last month. certainly a lot has happened in our short time here.
Nicole (18 Dec 2010)
"The Year 1977 in the USA - Strange movies and occurrences"

Dear Doves, I think for the past 33 years my parents and grandparents generation have been slowly boiled like frogs to change their thinking about gay rights, abortion, computers, privacy, aliens, and the new age religion.   Since I am turning 33 this month I began to wonder what happened the year I was born.   I was thinking of all the strange occurrneces in that year.  Especially since I was born that year and the day I was born there was a large explosion that shook the hospital.  

  • The first computer comes out by Apple called the Commodore.   We know the idea of the computer came about in the 30's, but in 1977 it was first introduced at a trade show. 
  • Apple Computer, Inc. incorporates!   Then they sell their computer the Apple II that year.   Now we have the iphone, ipad and a whole new way of marketing directly to people. 
  • Now Oracle incorporates this year.   Oracle is a major database management system.
  • Tandy corporation comes out with its first computer the Tandy TRS-80 model 1 (now the company is Radio Shack). 

  • Muslims take over buildings in Washington D.C. and hold hostages, yet there is no war on terror yet.   What, no TSA yet?   What is the deal?

  • The movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind came out preparing people for the return of the Nephillim.   I love how Jesse Duplantis spins this and calls his rapture experience video Close Encounters of the God Kind. 
  • The first movie Star Wars comes out by George Lucas whose intent was to get young people interested in God.   We see the "tribulation" or the evil empire ruling (the devil) and a remnant rise up to fight against it.  

  • Sid Roth a Messianic Jew gets saved and pulled out of the new age movement.   The new age movement will be used in the end time for the one world religion.  Sid Roth was a protege of Katherine Kulhman and has a great ministry on  I find it fascinating how in 2008 his website has guests say that the last great move of God would be healing before His return.   Wow!  We have had people being healed in a mighty move of God all over the world for the last 2-3 years.  This is the sign of the rapture.
  • The book by David Spangler comes out that year called TOWARDS A PLANETARY VISION, a book deep in the New Age movement.   Throughout the 70's he writes other books and transforms the Findhorn Foundation.  He is considered one of the founding fathers of the New Age Movement.
  • Also, the ministry Focus on the Family begins in the USA. 

  • Anita Bryant has an anti-gay crusade in Florida....however the streets of San Francisco rise up against her,
  • Harvey Milk rises up out of the anger to be the biggest gay politician in the history of the US, winning a political seat as city supervisor in 1977.

  • Since the implementation of the Hyde Amendment of 1977 after Roe v. Wade (1973), many people say that the government should not limit the federal funding of abortion. 

  • The movie Oh God comes out with George Burns.   John Denver was in the movie as a form of a prophet and gets to interact with him, but is ridiculed and given criminal charges.  
  • Elvis Presley dies, the King of rock and roll....a smaller "king" who loves Jesus who goes to be with the Lord.  

  • In 1977, the Lord put it on TN Dove of RITA's heart that He was coming for His Bride in 2010.

I think looking back we can see how these ideas, inventions, movies, terror attacks, seemed strange, odd or a little scary at the time but after the event was over we relaxed....and said, oh well.   And the church did not see the bigger picture of how these events would grow with time to become part of the beast system.  

  • Now we have database management systems, GPS, personal computers, and the microchip that can track your finances, location and health.  How can we track people, assets, finances with the mark of the beast?   Database management!
  • Not only are they allowing abortions, the healthcare plan will fund them.  The healthcare plan will lead to the microchip being implanted.   They thought they could just have the Hyde Amendment.   No, they needed to OVERTURN Roe v. Wade.
  • Biotechnology scientists are now putting in purchase orders for aborted fetus body parts to do experiments on.  They are saying children are becoming a commodity.   Will this mean soon that children under the age of 2 could be considered a non-human?   They have decided when a person is a human, so they could say that a person over 65 is not a human anymore because they cannot work.   So now we have euthanasia. 
  • Gay activists have come out of the closet and now can be openly gay in our military.   At most city local governments, a gay man can wear a dress to work and noone can say anything.   Bring a Bible and you are offensive.
  • Christians are being taken to court all the time.   In the UK a couple wants to be foster parents and has to go to court to get that right because they do not believe in homosexuality.
  • Wow, we are being mocked now on the internet, and so many Christians are facing criminal charges around the world for being a Christian.   They think we are CRAZY!
  • Most of the percentage of the population, even Christians believe that there is other life out there in the universe and the possibility of aliens is real.
  • Now in 2010 we have a Space Ambassador to the United Nations and UFO's are being reported all the time.  

Was this timeline of 1977 to 2010 the 33 years for the Rapture?   It seems to me it was enough time for them to get their technology and beast system in order.