Paul Wilson (16 Dec 2010)
"April and the Kingdom"

While I disagree with your thoughts on the outer darkness etc. and feel there is no class system there and personally feel young Christians reading it may feel that since they have not done much works because they are young in faith (and possibly age) they will be in outer darkness not seeing Jesus and asking what is the difference between that and hell. You mention all going in the rapture but under this “outer darkness for Christians” plan would it not be better for those with little works to be left behind to bolster their number???
I DO believe that there are rewards for works but I do not see punishment for NOT having works. Some of us have few works and have had few opportunities and while I may not have boatloads of works what I have is what I have been led to do. Not all of us are called to do many things. I can’t see god punishing me for things I didn’t have the opportunity to do. Or for things I didn’t have the talent to do. I have a hard time believing God would keep us in darkness for 1000 years. To say this as we are nearly at the rapture is very disheartening. A Person who come to Christ moments before the rapture will be stuck in darkness because of a lack of works but lacks them because he didn’t have time.
Keep in mind also some of us will be doing other jobs in the MK some will be priests, some teachers, some law people, we will have different jobs according to God’s will. Millions will be raptured and millions more come during the tribulation having been martyred way to many for all to be kings. We would be kings over city blocks or over a house or two if all of us were kings. To keep us out of the MK doesn’t seem like God.
I am not trying to be little you but this whole theory rubs me the wrong way. I have tried to do what I can and don’t like being told I may have to spend 1000 years in the  “outer darkness” cause my works pale in comparison.
Have said that I wonder will you provide chapter and verse for your MK exclusion/outer darkness beliefs so I might read them and compare and contrast opinions on them??? I am not a big book reader or fast but if you can post the verses here I can see them where getting a book (not the bible but a book like the Missler one) to find them might take quite awhile.