Paul Wilson (14 Dec 2010)
"Important Reminder"

We know the names Missler, Graham, Church, Duplantis and Van Impe but we must remember MAN is fallible even in interpreting the Bible. We must ALWAYS confirm with the bible what any preacher or “big name” says. No MAN is greater than GOD that his (the man’s) word is to be accepted without proving it through the holy scriptures.  I know many of these men have studied a long time but studying does not make one greater or equal to God many who have had little study have been able to grasp concepts correctly and many who have studied much cling to false doctrine. Only the bible can prove who’s OPINION is right. Also remember God’s word is not meant to be confusing that only the learned or priestly can know it but is straightforward that ALL mankind can understand and know it. Don’t let deception take your crown.
Personally I stick to the KJV. Yes the language is outdated but it is the most accurate when compared to literal translation. Many new versions are produced to fit a interpretation changing the message to agree with the messenger. If you can afford a interlinear (direct translation) bible do get one.