Patty Hayes (18 Dec 2010)
"I heard the voice say this..."

Hi Doves,
It was at 12a.m. as I checked my clock.  I heard a male voice as I had woke up at that moment saying COME UP HEAR!   This was the early morning of 12/17/2010. 
I am confident that in my home that the Lord is preparing us to be ready.  My friend whom I share her home a couple of nights ago said that 7 times I opened her door to ask if she was okay.  This happened while I was asleep.  She greeted me that morning at 7am when I came downstairs to tell me what happened to her throughout the night. 
Prior to that, a few nights before that incident, I had been sitting in the "family room/den" watching a program and it was after 11pm when I caught a shadow of very large person in the entryway of her bedroom door outside of her bedroom.  It was enough for me to get out of my chair to check it out and check in on her.   Then again around 7am a day or so later, I am coming downstairs with my laundry basket of clothes and just as I reached the bottom stair I saw again at the entryway to my friend's bedroom a person or angel standing there and disappeared.  It all heppened so very fast. 
Wow, God is getting us ready.