Patty Hayes (11 Dec 2010)
"Interesting News"

Hi Glenn,
Bottom UP, Top DOWN, and middle INSIDE OUT. 
What a better way to describe our world today, not only here in the USA but for Israel and the world.  Glenn, I know that you keep up with the news concerning Israel, but I thought most important as it does deal with End Times that since our Gov't announcement that no peace can be had regarding Israel and the Palestinians, this now has embolden both Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinians at large.  Abbas has said that there is now no reason to adhere to any of the peace deals including the Oslo Accords and that they will resume their right to being hostile towards Israel. 
If you read Psalm 83 it does list the nations clearly as many look to Psalm 83 as a precusor to Ezek: 38 and 39 which also names the present day nations that come down and come across to attack Israel.  (Joel Rosenberg's the Ezekiel Option dipicts the outline in faction form of this war and a must read)
I was so glad to hear that when you travel you visit other churches.  And yes, there is a concern to the "worldliness" many have taken on.  I daily watch your program and I must say that Bill O'Reilly really needs to sit down and watch not only your program but read the information that is still available to read about the demise of our nation and the world at large. 
The IMF has now announced the NWO currency called the Bancor.  I saw the pictures of it I believe last year or the year before.  So now they are getting ready to deal it out.  As for the military, in order for the Martial Law to enact, the military will be involved.  Not only ours but the UN troops and other international troops that are present here now.  I didn't know about this until I read a book by Mr. Bill Copeland dealing with this. 
In his book he writes in his introduction that much of his information came from "sources" that he would not share for their own protection.  But, he describes about unused for many years old bases that have been reopened and used by UN troops.  I decided to ask my military friends if they had encountered UN troops.  They said they actually did military manuevers with UN troops out in the CA desert.  They wondered why that was but felt they were not allowed to ask questions. 
I remember on FOX that when Tony Perkins discussed being disinvited to speak at a prayer luncheon at Andrews Air Force Base, that in the course of his discussion with the General at the base that Tony reminded him that he had sworn to defend and protect the Constitution of the USA as the General told Tony that he had sworn to protect the President of the USA. 
I had heard last year that the swearing in included with the new troops that they were to swear to protect and defend the President of the USA and not the Constitution.  I think the military has been under attack as well to change their mission.  I would ask your staff to research DARPA as I learned that their science includes a chip implant that will alter personnel's emotions and body movement upon their request. 
You should also get in touch with Jesse Ventura.  I had not been a fan of his before but he and his staff have done a lot of research on this and met up with a man who had been programmed.  I will let you get the information direct from Jesse. 
Now in conclusion, as you know, many Christians are looking forward to the "rapture" of the Church.  Tim LaHaye and others have shared that with you.  I am not a date setter but the night before, being late at night and on my computer I heard the sound like a trumpet blowing for almost a minute long.  I live close to a Freeway and do hear the traffic noise, and all the noise demish in sound and leave.  This trumpet sound did not do that. It blew for a long period without crescendos or decrescendos. It was strong and definite until it stopped.  Interesting to me as that my friend whose bedroom is downstairs heard it as well and she doesn't hear the traffic noise as her room is in the front, not in the back of the house like mine.
I turned to wait and see what was coming next. 
As Christians or followers of Christ, our peace and safety is in Jesus Christ and to not fear what man can do to you.  I see all these events must take place for the 7 year Tribulation that Tim, Joel and others have shared with you.  No where in Scripture is the USA mentioned as a dominant World power and if the USA is part of the Young Lions Ezekiel writes about in chapter 38 & 39, we do not respond to the all out attack upon Israel.  That would imply that we have ceased to be a world power or significant in world leadership. 
I also feel that your encouragement to stay close to God is important and I feel it equally to share just how with your audience how to "find God" and just who is He.  I saw you gave a strong Biblical Evangelical Gospel presentation one time on your program and maybe again that needs to be shared.  You shared that you knew that you were lost and needed redemption.  You knew there was no way you could earn your way to heaven by being a good person.  You shared that Jesus died on the cross for your sins.  You shared that you put all your faith and trust in Jesus to save you and be your Lord.  Why not share that once again today on your program. 
Glenn, I am praying for you, your family and your staff as well as Hannity, Rush, Bill and Fox in general as I know there is an all out attempt to quiet you all and shut you down.  It will be a very sad day for this nation once that happens, but, as in other nations, the Holy Spirit will continue to lead and guide us in the Scriptures and when and where to meet in worship.  O the many stories of this occuring in other countries.  WOW!!. 
Campus Crusade for Christ has a group doing the Jesus Films in other nations and each time we get their letters of what God has been doing, it is like reading the NT all over again.  It will raise the hair on the back of your neck with the miraculous events taking place and the very many people coming to faith in Christ. 
I will be watching you once again today.  Stay in Christ and let the Holy Spirit guide you in all you do. 
My best to you,
Patty Hayes