Ola Ilori (11 Dec 2010)

Hi Doves,
I'm cautiously optimistic that the rapture will occur next week on the 16th of December 2010.
It appears to be a normal day of the week.
but is it?
Consider the following:
We've already discovered that the Jewish Calendar is 2 Months out.
For this reason the correct Fall Feasts for 2010 are:
The Feast of Trumpets: 8th of November 2010 (1st of Tishri).

Day of Atonement: 17th of November 2010 (10th of Tishri).

1st Day of Feast of Tabernacles: 22nd of November 2010 (15th of Tishri).

Last Day of Feast of Tabernacles: 29th of November 2010 ( 22nd of Tishri).

Lisa's dream confirmed to me, that the 29th of November 2010 was indeed the correct Date on which the Last Day of the Feast of Tabernacles fell.
Lisa's Dream:
1 1 1 9 2

That was it. Just five numbers. Puzzled, I looked at the angel and asked him, “What are these numbers?”
He answered me and said,
“These numbers are a date.”
When Lisa asked the angel,
"A date for what?"
He vanished, she then woke up.
I now believe the meaning of the Date has been revealed to us!
The 29th of November 2010 is the Date from which a 17 Day countdown is to begin!!!
This will bring us to the Last Day of this Age, the 16th of December 2010!
17 is the number of Judgement!
It's the reason why the flood began on Day 17 of the 2nd month.
I believe the rapture will occur during the 1st watch of the night on the 16th of December 2010.
For the 16th of December, the 4 watches of the Night are:
1st Watch   -  16:37 PM - 21:00 PM  Time duration 2 hrs 23 Minutes.
2nd Watch  - 21:00 PM - MidNight   Time duration 3 hrs.
3rd Watch  - Mid-Night - 03:00 AM  Time duration  3 hrs.
4th Watch - 03:00 AM - 06: 32 AM  Time duration 2 hr 32 Minutes.
I believe Gooner's dream is the  final confirmation that the rapture will occur next week.
For he will be getting ready to travel to China on the morning of 15th of December 2010, as Sunset of the 16th of December 2010 begins in Jerusalem!

Gooner wrote:
school starts winter break at December 17. but I leave the US and head to China on the 15th. i head over to LAX airport and leave my house at 8:15am because of the scheduled taxi.

6:30am is when i actually get out of bed to get ready for school. not washing my face or something. that is, i usually do that by like 6:45am or something.

6:48am-6:53am is literally the exact time when i get done washing my face, and i head on over to the window where the towels are (just like the dream, where then i heard this insanely loud shout causing all the cars down at the freeway to screech and get into accident, it seems)

in my dream, it was early morning and i was washing my face when it happened, so I ASSUME it happen when i get ready for school because it looked like it, but it may mean that I was getting ready for other things like me getting ready to pack and leave to LAX airport? yeah many things fit.

now things are starting to get a little dark in the morning than it is in my dream. i can still see everything without needing the bathroom light but it looks like dawn is like 10% darker than my what i saw in my dream. keep watching because I'll wake up on the 15th a litttttttle later than i normally do for school so that should make the things fit into piece.
Hi Gooner,

Thanks for making your dream much clearer, it really helps.

When it is 06:45 AM in Los Angeles on the 15th of December 2010, it will already be a new Day, the 16th of December 2010, in Jerusalem!

The time will be 16:45 PM on that Day.

For the 16th of December 2010, in Jerusalem, will start at 16:37 PM, at Sunset!

This means we can now expect the Rapture to occur on the 16th of December 2010 [which is correctly the 9th of Cheshvan] at sometime between 16:37 PM and 21:00PM [Jerusalem Time].

Gooner's original dream:
i had a dream of the rapture when i was a freshman-sophomore in high school, during the summer break. im now a senior and i still remember it to this day.

when i had this dream i was started to get interest in bible prophecy, and i was immature in the rapture and related things, open to many kinds of doctrines and teachings about the end of times and the last days though i was leaning towards to the pre trib. (now i know its pre trib).

the dream started as me getting ready for school. it was early in the morning and i remember me washing my face at the sink that where i always do in real life. and i remember going to go dry my face with the white towel that i always use in real life like i always do. i remember in the dream that every single part of the bathroom that i had seen was extremely accurate to what is there in real life. i remember the wood floor i remember where things are placed and how the bathtub is shaped EVERYTHING in my dream its the same in real life. now there was a window across from where i dry my face (as also in real life and it has binds and curtain just like my dream) and seeing out the window u can see a huge view of my city, the freeway and the hills. im blown away how similar it looked to now considering i live in a semi suburban and rural area with a bunch of trees and bunch of stuff outside yet so accurate. then the moment i put the towel back down, while looking at the window, i looked at the freeway and suddenly a huge and super loud SHOUT was yelled across the whole place. soooo loud yet i remember my ears can handle it like it wouldnt go deaf or something. this part im not sure but it sounded like "GET UP HERE" in a reaalllly loud yell. in my dream, it seemed this really woke me up cuz its really early in the morning and im always sleepy but when i heard this shout in my dream i became wide awake and i knew this was the rapture! the same instant the shout was made, i saw on the freeway many car crashing and many sounds of cars colliding into each other. then i felt joy and knew it was finally it, and then in the dream i remember myself running to the room where the bathroom was connected, i remember i didnt feel no fear but joy. again the room looks EXACTLY 110% same as in real life and as of today. the TV, the wood floor, the coffee table, the couch right behind EVERYTHING to the very exact detail was the same in my dream. so then i ran to the coffee table next to it, fell on my knees and bowed and i remember saying "IM READY!" or something. but all the while after the shout and while i was running and then onto my knees, i remember a looooooooong trumpet sound, it was a sustained note, didnt sound like the trumpet i hear in school band but some sort of those trumpet i hear in those movies about ancient times or something... that too was super loud and super vivid. but during this, i didnt see my body.

during all this, the morning light was bright enough (6:30am is when i start getting ready for school) so that i didnt need to use the bathroom light. in regular dreams, things should be distorted a little bit, i barely even remember any dream except this one.

so i remember during this part, the whole bathroom and the bedroom that is connected to it, the morning light stayed the same, it was as if in real life. the darkness and lightness of the room was completely accurate to what it looks like in real life when i get ready for school.

so i remember when i fell on my knees and the trumpet was still blowing a sustained note, couple seconds later i was immediately taken to what looked like clouds, like the earth's atmosphere but i didnt see a sky. i saw myself bowing on my knees in complete worship and honor to this super infinitely bright light, so bright think of the sun but heck of a lot brighter but yet my eyes didnt sting or burn, it was so bright but the color was whiter than any kind of snow on earth yet it was a colorless white but intense, but i felt overwhelmed, on my knees bowing to this light, im thinking this is Jesus and the bema seat? (when i had this dream, i didnt know about the bema seat of judgement btw) then i remember some kind of things going in front of me, from this light but i dont remember what it was, looks like words? i dont know, but then after that (this light wasnt too long) i remember briefly passing through these gates, gates of white yet so clear and yellow. and i remember passing into heaven in my dream and immediately i felt overwhelming infinite joy and peace yet i was dancing like a little kid with 0 stress, i felt alive again, so overwhelming, NOTHING ON EARTH COMPARE IT WAS SO GOOD SO AMAZING, i cannot describe this feeling of joy and fulfillness with words. while this, i remember lush green pastures, wide huge fields, super bright sky yet it was golden in color but clear, no trace of shadow, i DO NOT REMEMBER any kind of black color or shadow or some sort, the grass was brighter than the lightest kind of green u can find on earth, yet the huge flowerbed that covered it all seemed to not get hurt when i step on it yet so unimaginable. i also remember seeing some tree off in a distance with a stream flowing between me and this green pasture and the tree, i dont think it was the tree of life though. and i remember being reunited with some person up there in my dream. but then it was a time of oh my goodness....

then i was skipping like some kid in happiness, yeah i just cant describe this, but before more happened, i abruptly woke up without warning, then it was august before school starts and after my church summer retreat (which was when i was have a severe mental attack of me going to hell and that im not a christian and that i should bow to satan that evil one which i was struggling with cuz my LORD was JESUS) and i remember my mom cooking breakfast.... lol
and yes there were people around me as well in my dream.

in the part when i was on earth, its funny cuz everything is similar, no joke. to this day, it looks exactly as how my dream looked.

right now, its end of november or getting there and STANDARD TIME came in for Los Angeles. during sept. and oct. before we fell back 1 hour, the morning time where i get ready for school at 6:30 am, it was too dark to see anything without using the bathroom light but now after standard time, its bright enough and whats more, the tone or intensity of the morning light is like matching what i remember in the dream.

and since this is my senior year in high school, ill be off to college next year. that would mean i would no longer get ready for school in my bathroom in my house, ill be in the dorms. i also remember in my dream when i was on my knees on the wood floor of the bedroom, that i faintly remember seeing doors on the wall next me, i was like "huh?" cuz it was upstairs and it wouldnt make sense for that. but now 2 years after the dream, we got a balcony with a door, (for those wondering which bedroom, its my mom's bedroom, yeah i get ready in her bathroom haha)

so this is crazy and considering all the things pointing to this year or around, this is really making pay a whole lot more attention.

now as of this date of posting, everything is set for my dream to take place, now i must watch for the shout. nobody can know for sure exactly when the rapture would take place but this is totally the year it seems.