Nando (7 Dec 2010)
"A rapture watch!"

At 3:16 PM my wife who went to Target with my daughter calls me that she has just seen a license plate with these letters: GOD ASP and she was calling me to tell me, while talking another car comes in front of her with the plates 777 VEW she was astonished. As you know Jesus sends me messages through license plates, but I also work from home so I do not go out so often, non the less the message came to me as if I was there by my wife and daughter. What is significant is that John Tng posted today in  about his confirmation that the Rapture was in 2010 and I had posted in my blog his post with my comment to John. I did not ask Him for confirmation or thought that He was going to confirm the Rapture this way. Please notice I am not giving a date, because the message does not give one, only As Soon As Possible.

I am full of anticipation and joy for it seems that very soon our watch will be over.