Nando (24 Dec 2010)
"A message within the earthquakes at Bonin Islands Japan! Re:Katy Brashear"

Dec 23 2010 A message within the earthquakes at Bonin Islands Japan!

The names of the Bonin islands is very interesting, I miss this warning deeper message. Good observation for a definitive warning to the Bride from the Bridegroom. It seems that all the major earthquakes have a very specific message. There was also a major one in Iran and its message is obvious. There were also swarms a while back at he entrance to the Red Sea and in Iran at the straight that leads to the Persian Gulf.
The Christchurch earthquakes are one of the most important messages from our Lord as well as the Haiti earthquake that destroyed Port Au Prince.
The Haiti earthquake had an approximate coordinate of N18 and W72 degrees and the magnitude was 7.0, all significant numbers relating them to the 6 6 6 = 18 when added and = 72 when multiplied by 4.
Since then the island has seen floods, cholera pestilence, and election riots. Is this island a snapshot of the world that is approaching?

There have been a constant swarm of earthquakes in Baja California and today and yesterday the activity in North California has increased. San Francisco is getting small tremors in the North and South. Is this a warning to this city?

Let us keep looking for the hand of God as His plan unfolds and He sends us messages of Hope and warning for what is coming soon to this sinful world we live in.

In anticipation of the Christmas and His coming may all of you have a Merry Christmas in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


Katy Brashear (23 Dec 2010)
“Nando – earthquakes – Japan – Bridegroom“

    Hi Nando! I have been watching that too I knew with that eclipse there would be some rockin goin on … so after I read 5 doves I went and checked out the quakes and there have already been so many today … on a news peice about it “7.4 Japan Islands … with — get this — “moderate” after shocks”… moderate?…are they trippin?….all of them just about are 5 + …soo I looked up these islands seems to me when “they” the powers that be try to minimize something something is going on .. so I had just started checking out these islands and look at this check out one of them is Mother One is Sister and check out Bridegroom — Bride?–… cool beans huh?… I am going to go look some more if I find anything else I will send it …if not God Bless all Gods Children with Peace in Jesus Name …