Nando (17 Dec 2010)
"Dec 16,2010 A confirmation to Elliot Hong about His post of Hanukkah and Christmas on Dec"


December 16, 2010


Yesterday I started this letter to Elliot Hong but I had not finish it and left my computer without saving it. My daughter came in and deleted it by mistake so I am again writing it.

Yesterday afternoon I had to put gas in my car and before leaving I asked Jesus to show me that we are at the door of the Rapture. I had been reading about the things pertaining to the lunar eclipse of Dec 21 and other posts that are saying about the days that we are in. I went to a nearby station and on the way back the traffic light at the corner of the station was red and I was stopped. Then a car came to my left side to turn left and it had the license plate 888 XXY. Immediately I knew that the 888 was the Gematria for Jesus and that my prayer had been answered. This happened at 2 PM. At 2:32 PM a friend who has studied prophecy with me for more than 20 years called me from New Mexico where he lives to see if I had read the latest post by Ron Reese and I told him that not yet, but that I had received his e-mail and that I was going to do it as soon as I could. I mentioned the license plate to him and that I had asked the Lord for a sign without specifying it, but expecting it to be a plate which is the way He communicates with me for the past 25 years or more.

After seven PM I came back to fivedoves and read your post of the 8’s and then it hit me that Jesus was also confirming what you had posted, and that it was His intention to give me an answer as specific as possible.

Yes I am in anticipation for the events that are coming and I am sending this post to you the reader to encourage you as I have been encouraged.

Although in my mind there is a strong believe that it is a confirmation the probabilities of seeing a license plate with the number 888 is 1/1000 with the combination of an article about that number being much greater, but there is still chances that it was all coincidence and not by design. 

 Yours in Christ Jesus,




Elliot Hong (15 Dec 2010)
"A Connection of Hanukkah and Christmas"

Dear Doves:

Although I'll watch for Dec.17 and 21 very closely, thoughts came up today that Christmas could
be another possibility.
Here are my thoughts.

1) Jean Stepnoski wrote in her letter "Tevet 10" that from Hanukkah day 8 there are then 8 days
to Tevet 10.  This is a double 8.  F..M.Riley believes that the Noah family was warned 8 days
in advance, rather than 7.

I wrote back "Adding 8 of the Noah family who were saved from the flood, it makes a triple 8."

Now, instead of adding 8 of the Noah family, what if simply adds 8 more days from Tevet 10 ?
Then it'll be Tevet 18, Dec.25/26, Christmas, and a triple 8 from the beginning of Hanukkah.

And here is what I wrote in my previous letter.
<Kelly received a vision of 888 and heard a voice speaking said, "FIND THE RELATIONSHIP OF
THE THREE EIGHTS."  And she wrote that on the EIGHTH day after Yeshua's birth, he was
presented in the temple and Greek Gematria for JESUS is 888, and quoted "The number
EIGHT proves once again to be the golden Key that unlocks the secret of God."

8 represents New Birth, New Beginning and Eternity.>

2) We all know that 280 days(40 weeks) from the 8.8 Concepcion(Conception) Chile earthquake
was Dec.3/4

However, the period of human gestation could be stretched to the maximum 42 weeks, then
it'll be Dec.17/18(Tevet 10) from the Concepcion earthquake.
It makes sense, since 42 represents Advent and was the number of dead during the Hanukkah
fire in Israel.

So, let's suppose Dec.17/18(Tevet 10) is the birthday of a man child of Revelation 12, and just
like Jesus was presented in the temple after 8 days of the birth, a man child should be presented
in the temple after 8 days from Dec.17/18(Tevet 10), and it comes to Dec.25/26, Christmas.

But ever since the Ruach Elohim came, Saints are the temple, thus Saints(Overcomers) themselves
will be presented(dedicated) to G-d which is the Rapture.
And since Hanukkah is a feast of Dedication, it makes a perfect connection between Hanukkah and

Another interesting point is that not only from Hanukkah to Christmas is 8+8+8, but also from the
8.8 Concepcion earthquake to Christmas (42 weeks + 8 days) makes a triple 8.
Is this why the Lord told Kelly ""FIND THE RELATIONSHIP OF THE THREE EIGHTS?"

3) I remember someone received that it'll be a gentile holiday and some others received through
dreams and visions that it'll be Christmas.

I know that Christmas is not the real birthday of our Lord and in fact originated from paganism, but
according to the documentary film "The Star of Bethlehem," Dec.25, 2BC was the day that Jupiter,
the King Star stopped over Bethlehem and the three wise men worshipped Jesus as the King of kings.
So Dec.25 may not the birthday of Yeshuah, yet it is the meaningful gentile holiday after all.

If indeed Christmas is the Day, I'm certain that there will be a definite warning sign 10, 7, or 3 days
before Dec.25/26, and I'll watch for Dec.17 and 21 very closely too.

Anyway, for many cases of Fleece were confirmed, I'm positive that our Blessed Hope will be a reality
until this Christmas.

See you soon !