MJ Martin (24 Dec 2010)
"A Test of Truth"

Who do you want for President?  Do you want someone who seeks the Most High God for wisdom and counsel? Or do you
want an unrighteous secular humanist?
God is the source of all life and there is no darkness in Him. Whose ear does He have...one who protects the life of the innocent,
or one who legislates death to innocent life that , by the grace of God, survives an abortion?
Do you want a leader who serves the people or one who serves himself?
Do you want a president who surrounds herself with people of faith or one who surrounds himself with the unrighteous?
Do you want a president who uplifts America and her people or one who is ashamed of America,and apologizes for its greatness?
Do you want a president whose spiritual  adviser is a man of faith or one whose spiritual adviser is a muslim?
Do you want a president who esteems ands stands on the Constitution or one whose philosophy is grounded in communism?
Do you want a president who is upright with truth or one who deceives and lies?
There is a simple test of truth, the truth of Sarah Palin who has not only the ear of God, but also the wisdom and counsel of
the most High God.
The truth is that the liberal, secular humanists have their idol or messiah Barack Hussein Obama. He is as wise as a serpent and has no understanding or ability to do good.   For BHO to be re-elected God would have to translate the body of Christ before the election.
Will BHO be the appointed one to lead the one world government in the seven years of tribulation?
There is a time and purpose for all things.
Remember those who are left behind reject the love of truth.
A witness to the truth of the gospel:  For those who believe and to those who reject the truth. If you do not love your sister
in Christ, you have not the love of God abiding in you.