Mike Curtiss (8 Dec 2010)
"Nicole (7 Dec 2010)"

Dear Doves,
                    As many of you know I've spoken out about the true identity of Hussein. The labels are attached to everything Hussein does. Deception from on 'high' identifies Him as the AC. After the Rapture, the hammer will come out to beat down, arrest, torture and kill his many enemies. The soft dictatorship will be a thing of the past. Since, I truly beleive the Rapture will come this Thursday on the most important day of Chanukah; Zot Chanukah. We need to be about God's business. Should your loved ones refuse to see the truth and be saved, leave behind your Bible the spiritual food they will need to survive. You might also make your Power of Attorney, last will and testament, so they can access your bank accounts etc,
 The Regime will act quickly once they realize they have been beaten. Your testimony that includes legal documents might help them understand you are serious! It might help them into a personal relationship with Jesus, which will be enough to bring them safely home. God Bless You All!
 Mike Curtiss
Nicole (7 Dec 2010)
"Beast Rising from the Sea" Did you notice the importence of 7 weeks of 7 years to the Jewish people? Obamacare was passed into law 77 years to the day after Adolph Hitler forced the German Parliament to pass his 'Enabling Acts' Both laws installed a dictator, which immediately acted to murder the Jews and Christians who opposed him.