Mike Curtiss (8 Dec 2010)
"Zot Chanukah--What the Jews Are Really Saying ( About the Rapture)"


Dear Doves,


    If its still possible that anyone doubts the significance of the 8th and final day of the Festival of Chanukah, or the day the Jews call 'Zot Chanukah'

Please read my posts from Yesterday/Monday December 6th.


    In popular computer internet jargon the term Zot indicates that a poster has discovered an interloper, or a troll. These trolls are posters that violate chatroom blog edicate by lying, decieving, or promoting violence. We Zot those kinds of posters who break the rules when we catch them 'before the websites Moderater' does and the Moderator acts to remove their posts. Hence, the popular term 'in before the Moderator' or Zot. To be zotted is to be discovered and removed. Can everyone see how significant this 'coincidence' is to both a practicingJew and a Christian waiting for the Rapture!


Rejoice 'As the children of God Almighty, we are all 'in before the Moderator' Rejoice As I read this material a tear comes into my eyes and I'm overcome with joy!


I just found another post from a Jewish website about their 8th Day of Chanukah, or Zot Chanukah.



Zot Chanukah


The "simple" explanation for this special name for the last day of Chanuka is the Torah reading from the end of Parshat Naso that emphatically announces ZOT CHANUKAT HA-MIZBEI'ACH (when the Torah is summing up the gifts of all the Tribal Leaders. 

There is another, deeper meaning to the name. If you want to really know what Chanuka is all about, the answer is THIS, THE EIGHTH DAY OF CHANUKA - the fact that there are 8 days of Chanuka - ZOT CHANUKA, this is what Chanuka means. It means EIGHT. EIGHT is our answer to the Greek challenge. They said nature is perfect. They said it is a mutilation of the body to be circumcised. And they forbid us to fulfill that great mitzva of ours, under pain of death. EIGHT represents the step beyond TEVA, beyond nature. MILA on the 8th day represents our challenge to go beyond how we were created and take charge of the completion of our physical and spiritual form. The Mikdash began to function on its higher spiritual level on the EIGHTH day. The Greeks tried to take that away from us too. Torah was given to us on the day following seven sevens. It is an EIGHTH too. And the Greeks tried to take that from us also. With G-d's help, we prevailed over the Greeks and the triumph is celebrated with an 8 day holiday. This is Chanuka. ZOT CHANUKA.