Mike Curtiss (7 Dec 2010)
"Urgent Post Zot Chanukah, the Computer term Zot, in before the Moderator Acts"

Rapture Confirmation Alert Recieved Urgent Warning
Dear Doves,
       Simultaneous witness comes our way from Hebrew calenders and from modern computer jargon. God is appealing to generations both old and new. Please pay attention. I've just posted Hebrew calender notes for this coming Thursday the last day of the 8 day festival.
       Wow, wow and more wow. This Thursdays called Zot Chanuka, which is also the last gathering of lights. See my earlier post please. While I'm on the internet often, I learned about a term called zot. To be zotted applies to shutting down, or moderating someone posting rude, malicious, or untruthful information. Closing the door on those not following the website, internet or societal rules. In other words committing internet SIN.
       It means "In before the ZOT", and signifies that the poster spotted a troll before the moderators. I'm not sure if it's to point out a troublemaker for the mods, or just for bragging rights. Either way, it means that someones about to get bounced.
Zot Chanukah, the Computer term Zot, in before the Moderator Acts or Before Jesus Christ Closes the Doorway Home
                                                                                   Agape Love,
                                                                                                     Mike Curtiss