Mike Curtiss (29 Dec 2010)
"Obama Does Have Something in Common with God"

Dear Doves,
         We have spent entirely too much time examining the behavior of Hussein to determine if he has the personality and exhibits the sociopathic behavior that would identify him as the AC. Many of you will recall my personal descent into the study of pagan, polytheistic and demonic connections. I've learned more than my share of troubling details than anyone needs to discover in a lifetime.. 
         You can't possibly ignore the overwhelming evidence, which matches every possible scriptural requirement attached to the enemy of God. Hussein has all the trappings of 'the prince to come' Personally, everytime I've come to an apparent deadend, I pray to Jesus for help locating a specific proof. Without fail Jesus has faithfully provided the clues I need to fill in the blanks. From other posters, news reports and Bible study, the picture could not be any clearer.
         Just lately, Fox News reports that the waters of the vacation hot spot the Obamas have chosen suddenly becomes contaminated. This degradation occurs around the world immediately before they arrive at their vacation destination. Evidence indicates that the President is well aware of this connection to his travel plans. Lets recall all the separate vacations that the first family has taken in order to somehow avoid this phenomenon he has upon the environment.
         We probably should have been paying closer attention after we witnessed rats, mice and flies showing up at the most inopportune moments. Can any of you recall rodents, flies or cats stealing the limelight at presidential news conferences, public appearences and speeches in time to become part of the media circus. Probably the most blatant event we've seen is the collapse of the Presidential Seal off of the podium as the interloper was introduced as the POTUS. Today, probably the most influential critic of the Hussein Regime has inadvertently produced the best argument why Hussein's the AC. Without knowing the full import, we discover why theres no legitimate birth certificate available. The AC, satan and the unholy trinity have no modern birth certificate. They have been traveling alongside plaguing humanity for millennia.  
           Now, the entire audience of talk radio are aware of Hussein's true petigree. God Bless You All, stockpile food, medicine and supplies for the dark days ahead of us.
                                                             Mike Curtiss