Michael Lorion (8 Dec 2010)
"I say what I feel is needed, I still like you!"

Hello Doves, 
I know we are all trying to share our thoughts and even as we may disagree about things discussed, we are still one in Christ Jesus. We have more in common than not, because of Christ too! I may disagree with your post but you, personally, I dont have problems with what so ever.
All you people are here, like me,doing what Im doing...and so, I must say I have no bad feelings toward you nor a feeling of smug superiority either when I disagree with you.
I just tell it as I see it on important matters, such as things of the Holy Spirit. If that is not appropriate, then it should be.
But, personal attacks on the person is not right and should not be done. I have not personally attacked anyone at all in here in word nor attitude. But I have said what I think of their post. That is all.
 If someone doesnt like my posts, you may tell me what you want to. I dont mind at all. I may even need to hear it. So, yeah, I know we are all looking for the truth here and all, in the Word of God, and Ill try to be cool about stuff.
 I already do ignore or just pass over some posts whch I think are totally out there or not relevant to anything scriptural that I can see. We all do that too, at times Ill bet.
 But sometimes I will respond, generally because in my view I must say something. There is no personal antagonism involved or anything. And, by the way, I will continue to post and comment as I feel as necessary.
I just wanted everyone to know, Im trying to do these things in ways which may get people to consider a different view. But I usually only post if I think my response will be a help or will be a thought to edge them on to a better way of understanding something.
 I do not ever mean to discourage anyone here. If my posts do make people uncomfortable then I must say, everything I did was in the spirit of urging, enlivening, sharing, hoping, believing, and in all these things compassion and much love for all of you folks!
 I dont post often. But what I post I would say to you in person, over a cup of coffee. But as it is here, there is too much to reply to, for me to keep track of...ha ha! I am just a lamb looking for My Shepherd  too....bbbbbaaaa.
   Bless you,  Michael Lorion