Michael Lorion (4 Dec 2010)
"Re:Bruce Warners Rev 6:2 view"

Dear Bruce,
Your view that the rider on the white horse in Rev 6:2 is the Holy Spirit is Wrong!
 If it were the Holy Spirit here, or one of the Godhead, surely it would be capitalized wouldnt it? But this is not the case here, so It isnt one of the Godhead here. Plus, The rider rides in to conquer, but he does so with deception, hence the bow,without arrows. It is an empty bow. He may also then be thought of as a peaceful king, but politically savvy and cunning as well. He has a crown and it was given to him by the kings of the revived roman empire. He will conquer by deciet, and he will become the ruler over all the other world kings at this time too. But here at first he will not be recognized as the antichrist. Just as you didnt recognize who he is, the world also will not recognize him nor his methods either.
There is nowhere in scripture where the Holy Spirit carries a bow, with arrows or not, also, there is nowhere where the Holy Spirit wears a crown. The crown of righteousness and the crown of life was for the faithful of Christ and God.  Jesus Christ is the One with the crown, a crown of a King, not the Holy Spirit. Also, The gospel will be preached throughout the world and its happenning now actually! But the scriptures dont say that the world will be converted by the preaching, because the world will instead reject the gospel of Christ. Also, the Word of God is not a bow! The Holy Spirit has never been riding on a white horse since pentecost. This is ridiculous!
 The Holy Spirit comes to the believer as a comforter, sent by Christ. The Holy Spirit also convicts the sinners of the world and convicts and reproves unto repentance as far as I know. That means the Holy Spirit is also involved with everyone on earth, not just the believer, but for the believer, only comfort. Now, I know many in the churches also believe this one in Rev.6:2 is thought to be Christ on a white horse here, contrasting Bruces view. However this view is also in error! When Christ comes it will be with a sword, vengaence, and wrath...and He will personally wage war on the wicked and the enemies of Christ. All the angels will be with him too and the saints. That isnt what Rev.6:2 says.
The antichrist comes in deception folks. He will appear as a great political genius to Israel, and thats who they will agree to a seven year strong covenant with. Note that it is not a peace treaty. it is a strong covenant, by a willful king, who worships the gods of fortresses. It is not Christ here either folks! And as far as deserving a crown, the believers get a crown, yet they do not deserve it, it is by Christ's work that the believer even gets a crown, and still the believer really doesnt deserve a crown. It has nothing to do with the believer deserving a crown, if it did the believer would not deserve one by his own merits.
 It is only by Christs mrercy and gracious giving do we recieve anything at all. It has nohing to do with the believer as far as crowns go, yet still we will recieve one. So, The crowns arent about who deserves them. Since the Holy Spirit doesnt have one, nor ever wore one, The whole crown issue doesnt even apply to the Holy Spirit.
The end you should be referring to as the end here, is the end of the gentile rulers of the world kingdoms, of which Christ will rule after they are all removed for all time. But obviously, we still have gentile rulers ruling over the world, well past pentecost, so obviously there is a problem with that pentecost theology where Christ rules over the earth now. See, When Christ rules as King there will be no more gentile world rulers in power anywhere any longer. Its in the scriptures. So, Although Antiocus Epiphanes is a popular person to place as an antichrist back in the days just before the Maccabees, He was just a type of antichrist to come. Some say Nero was the antichrist, but he was less descriptive as being an antichrist than was Antiocus Epiphanes! When Christ rules, all world gentile rulers will cease forever! So, it hasnt happened yet folks!
So obviously Christ has not yet recieved His kingdom to rule on the earth yet. Thats why the views on such things have become spiritualized over the years, otherwise your ideas make no sense. Actually, your views dont line up with the scriptures as a spiritual kingdom now, as some believe. It is spiritual, but currently it is the pearl, the church period of time, which operates in spiritual things. But it is definitely not Christ reigning on earth in the church now according to scriptures.
When Christ returns, it will be to remove Gentile rule, to slay the wicked and some of the enemies of Christ, and to set up a literal Kingdom, ruled by Christ. It will be that in the Milemnnuim. That, by the way, is also often ignored by much of the church. Christ will rule there literally.
I suppose I could go on and on in these things but for now, this will do hopefully.
 Im not an expert, but I cant just let this go about the Holy Spirit without saying something against it. The new lambs of the flock and those who have not yet come to Christ are reading our posts too!
Michael Lorion