Michael Colunga (7 Dec 2010)
"RE:  This coming Pearl Harbor Day and some very unlikely family coincidences"

Hello, John and Doves,
Hi, Bob Ware!
It's not only amazing that the LORD has designed a life to reflect His plans.
It is beyond amazing that our Sovereign LORD has picked you, a numerophile--
if I may coin a term--to discover that truth about your life and publish it here.
Praise be to the King of Glory, the LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle,
        the LORD of hosts!  [adapted from Psalm 24]
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Bob Ware (6 Dec 2010)
"This coming Pearl Harbor Day and some very unlikely family coincidences"

The Divine ratio is 3:5 >>> Noah's Ark was 30 cubits high and 50 cubits wide.
296 is the gematria of 'earth' in Genesis 1:1.
        3 x 296 = 888 (JESUS)
        5 x 296 = 1480 (CHRIST)
                888 + 1480 = 2368
12.6.2010 and 12.7.2010 are the same day on earth.
On 12.6.2010 it will be 3 x 2368 combined days since my Mother and two brothers died.
On the 69th (or 70th inclusive) anniversary of Pearl Harbor (12.7.2010) it will be 5 x 2368 combined days since my Father and Mother died.
2701 is the gematria of the seven Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1. On 11.27.2010 it was 2701 combined days since my two brothers died.
1351 is the center of 2701.
1850 is the even split of the breastpiece stones > the 6 odd numbered tribe names and the 6 even numbered tribe names each total 1850.
On 8.4.2011 my brother Lloyd will have been gone 1850 days and my brother Chuck will have been gone 1351 days.
My Father died on July 11th of 1990 and my brother Lloyd died on July 11th of 2006.
My brother Chuck died and was revived seven times on August 10th of 2007. He finally passed away on November 22nd of 2007. That was Thanksgiving Day in 2007 and it was also the 44th anniversary of JFK's assassination.