Michael Colunga (20 Dec 2010)
"RE:  Nicole--Parallel of our Rapture and Jesse Duplantis test run in '88"

Hello, John and Doves,
Nicole, I agree with your point #6.
A five minute warning jibes exactly with what would happen in Israel in Bible days.
The wedding party [and a loud, boisterous party it was--waking up the entire town] would
enter a small town, heading straight for the house where the Bride was staying.
She would have mere minutes to wake up, comb her hair, and put on a traveling cloak and shoes.
The fact that the customs of a Jewish wedding have, by now, been spread far and wide in the
Church is an indication that the time is near--perhaps even at the door!
Maranatha!  [I go to Maranatha Chapel in San Diego, California]
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Nicole (18 Dec 2010)
"Parallel of our Rapture and Jesse Duplantis test run in '88"

I also wanted to note that I use the testimony of Jesse Duplantis rapture testimony CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE GOD KIND as a parallel to the Bride when it will really happen. 


  1. An Angel of the Lord visited him at MIDNIGHT and gave him instructions to sleep (Dreams of the Rapture, Visitations of Angels He is Coming, 5Doves sharing dreams and words of knowledge)
  2. Jesse got VERY frustrated and said to God, why haven't you come to see me? (We are extremely frustrated the Lord didn't come the middle of Hanukkah)
  3. He was then prophesied over he would see the Lord by a church member (5Doves like Sabrina sending letters to us prophesying He is coming)
  4. Two weeks passed by he was so frustrated the Lord hadn't come that said the church member was a false prophet (Many are angry at Pastor Sandy Armstrong about the Hanukkah date)
  5. 3 a.m. right after his frustration (2 weeks after the prophecy) the Lord God Jehovah visited him in his room (after this failed Hanukkah date, the Lord is visiting some of us at 5Doves, we are still getting dreams and letters)
  6. Some time passed and one day when he didn't think Jesse felt it SO STRONG in his spirit IT IS TIME!   And he had time to get from the restaurant to his hotel room.   (I read I think on 5Doves or RITA that someone saw how when we are going to get raptured, we have a 5 minute warning so we can pull our cars over, get someone else to take the plane, etc.   This will allow us to get on bended knee!   My son also sees when it is time to be raptured, he and I must go to the fireplace area and kneel)
  7. Jesse got to his hotel room # 105 and at 12:59 p.m. he was raptured up on bended knee.  (Some time will pass between the failed Hanukkah date, and after we get additional dreams and visitations from the Lord..)  

I think we are in between #5 & 6 right now.