Michael Colunga (15 Dec 2010)
"RE: Mike Curtiss--History Repeats Itself Again"

Hello, John and Doves,
As Humphrey Bogart said in "Casablanca,"
    "Confusion to the enemy!"
In HaShem, who brings His enemies to derision,
Mike C.
Mike Curtiss (14 Dec 2010)
"History Repeats Itself Again"

Dear Doves,
              Just to make sure that we humans understand evil, God causes mankind to repeat his follies over and over again. Here despots play at being peacemakers. Just as Hussein was awarded his Nobel Peace Prize before he destroyed this country, China wants in on the game.
China's Confucius Peace Prize and Hitler's Nazi Peace Prize


Ever heard of the Confucius Peace Prize? Neither did its recipient, who didn't bother to show up at the awards ceremony.


Today (12/10) in Oslo, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee presented the gold medal of the Peace Prize to an empty chair - whereupon dignitaries and official representatives of dozens of countries across the globe gave the empty chair a standing ovation.

For the first time since 1936, a Nobel Peace Laureate was not allowed by his country to attend, nor was any relative. Liu Xiaobo, founder of the human rights movement Charter 08, is in prison and prevented from attending by his country, Communist China.

How fitting that the country that didn't allow its jailed recipient (peace activist Carl von Ossietzky) in 1936 was Nazi Germany. The Nazis denounced the award with righteous fury and its recipient as a "criminal" - just as the Chicoms have done now.

Hitler proceeded to proclaim a Nazi Peace Prize which the world ignored. Taking his lead, the Chicoms announced an alternative award to compete with the Nobel called the Confucius Peace Prize, with the first award ceremony in Beijing yesterday. The recipient was a former vice-president of Taiwan named Lien Chan. He turned it down, didn't show up, and the ceremony was "an obscure farce," as one news story described it.

So the Chicoms ended up this week being laughed at and compared to the Nazis at the same time. The world needs more of this.