Mary Anna (3 Dec 2010)
"Rene (2 Dec 2010)   "Closer to God-?""

 Is it just me - or are the rest of you feeling  closeness to God lately like you have never felt before???


  Yes I  have noticed Rene!  With me it's a clean place!  I've never been a fanatic about a clean house.  I seem to be now!  Why is what I was asking myself when I was knocking myself out to get everything clean?  It hit me that after the rapture, people will be coming in and if they find a dirty place, the question will be, is this where someone lived that God took?  I don't want the next question to be, look how dirty it is?   No, no, I don't want that! We will be surely judge by people by what is found that we left behind from the rapture. 

  So the change in me is being anxious about a clean and neat place before God calls.
Mary Anna