Lydia (20 Dec 2010)
"Joe Till on being the Bride"

Aw, Joe, what an amazing dream!!  I think that's the best analogy I've ever heard of what it's like to be the waiting Bride - something I can really relate to.  Thank you so much for sharing both the dream and the interpretation with us all.

I've often wondered how Christian guys felt about the concept of being the Bride of Christ.  It's almost a no-brainer for the ladies, since nearly all of us have dreamed of that special day, with that very special man, but I have always wondered how men wrap their head around it.  Maybe some of you men can share?  

I know since our God made us male and female with all that entails, and since He does all things well, our future with Him will be perfect beyond our imaginings, but I sure think at least this part of it is easier for women to grasp.

My Dove friends, how I would love to share this Christmas with all of you!  It won't be long, anyway...keep looking up!