Linda Spencer (30 Dec 2010)
"A Message to Our Jewish Brothers and Sisters"

Hello Doves,
This is a message sent forth to the Jewish community in June, 2010.  In our anticipation of the Messiah's arrival, hopefully before Jan 1, 2011, it is very interesting to hear that our jewish brothers and sisters are preparing each other for the mass devastation that is soon to come.  However, they are not our messianic brothers and sisters but yet and still our beloved brothers and sisters.  It is interesting to note they are aware of the prophecies to come, and are expecting them to be fulfilled very soon.  It is an awful feeling, knowing that there are seven years appointed for Israel and that we all will have relatives and friends left here, to deal with all of the atrocities soon be befall them. 
I thought you may want to hear the message as it is quite sincere and urgent in it's delivery.
May we all have our hearts and minds prepared for the Bridegrooms coming, surely This is it, time is up...suddenly!
Your Sister, Linda