Linda Spencer (16 Dec 2010)
"Do You Ever Just Know"

Do You Ever Just KNOW?

Do you ever just Know that you Know?

I Have! And I DO!

This is the question I believe many are misinterpreting as falsehood, in regards to Brother Sandy and his teachings.  I for one am standing with him tooth and nail.

There have been too many times in my life where the Lord DID speak and shortly thereafter, I received the EVIDENCE of what was spoken.  Yes, Literal evidence.

All scenarios are written in short form:

1. The Voice Spoke, “Go to your room (hospital room), I was sitting in a rocking chair in the play room with my child.  I resisted the voice and again it spoke but a bit louder…I disregarded it again then again.  The rocking chair began to rock and it got faster and faster as the voice spoke one more time, as I talked myself out of it again.  This time, I was practically thrown from the chair as it said, Go!  I got there and my daughter’s roommate’s mother was caught dead in the act of going through my purse! She had my wallet out of my purse and in her hands!  Was that the voice or the action of God? May He deal with me ever so severely if I refuse to hear and obey.
2. The Voice Spoke, I am driving to work 6:15am, radio on praising Jesus, “Who is David’s father? I stopped, listened and disregarded it.  Not once, but twice and then the third time…WHO IS DAVID’S FATHER? It was clear, firm, and matter of fact! I immediately responded and quickly said, Jesse, is David’s father! Then there was silence.  I turned the radio back on and drove to work.  I got there and a lady whom I’ve never ministered to, came to me and asked me if I had my bible and I said yes, she asked me to turn to Isaiah 11.  When I did, the title was “The Branch of Jesse”, she said, “WHO IS JESSE”? I said DAVID’S FATHER. This was doing the situation in Waco. I was then able to minister to her about the gospel of Christ! Was it the voice of God I heard? May He deal with me ever so severely if I refuse to hear or obey.

3. The Voice Spoke, I was no more than 15 feet away, “you are about to enter into your cubicle and find Lula standing up talking to Debra”.  She has just told Debra all you have just shared with her.  Low and behold, I walked into my cubicle and found EXACTLY what I was told…in progress.  To be sure, I asked Lula if she was speaking about what I had just discussed and she said yes.  After a discussion with her, I not long afterwards, received THE most sincere apology, even though the information given did not amount to anything very significant at all.  The idea that Jesus would inform me beforehand, was only training me to hear His voice and trust HIM. Why? Because I asked Him to. Was that the voice of God? May He deal with me ever so severely if I refuse to hear and obey.

4. The Voice Spoke, “I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus Christ”, spoken through my mouth as I opened my eyes and my body began to tremble with fear of the presence I felt behind me.  I was relieved to know the Spirit was obviously watching over me as I slept and was alone.  With that, I was brave enough to utter the words ok Lord, let’s turn and face the predator.  I thought maybe someone had broken in and was about to attack me while I slept.  The presence was so strong it felt I could feel the heat from its body standing there.  As I turned, I was faced with a spirit about 6ft. 7in. tall, cloaked in complete darkness.  Broad shoulders and had on a black hooded cloak; face was darker than darkness.  I faced it and SPOKE the words again; I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! It turned and flowed out of my room and through the door that was only open about 4 inches wide.  I then got up and followed it and blessed my home with the Words of the Lord and then went back to bed.  Was this the divine act and voice of God? May He deal with me ever so severely if I refuse to hear and obey.

These are a few of the times, my Lord was training me to hear His voice and TRUST. This is the same voice I KNOW Brother Sandy heard.  There are many, who for reasons to each their own, have for now called for a check of his integrity and accountability.  Brother Sandy has been called to hear, fulfill and complete a very difficult task.  A task that will involve, faith, perserverance, persecution, ridicule, mocking, loneliness, abandonment, doubt, hostility, a lack of faith, very little support, discouragement, animosity and resentment that will make some feel as though one should be stoned.  I say, Bro.. Sandy… STAND and KNOW! May God deal with you ever so severely if you do not hear and obey.

I KNOW, I heard the Voice that said on 11/18/2010, fast and pray, fast and pray! And the same day, This is it, Time is up! I KNOW I saw written, 8 days later on 11/26/2010, This is it, time is up…suddenly!
The evidence has not yet appeared but may God deal with me ever so severely if I refuse hear and obey.  Belief, is an act of obedience. 

My dearest Friend outside of my husband is my friend Stacy.  She has been continually asked the question, “When I come, will I find faith on the earth”? This question is so applicable to the situation we have before us.  No, the dates came and went but I remember Bro. Sandy stating he did not know the day or hour and does not claim to be a prophet.  But because many have not trusted Jesus, to stand STILL and KNOW, because they have not heard, they can not understand his (Bro. Sandy’s) silence.

Brother Sandy, if you are reading this, you were right when you said,
“To them it is a lack of hope, for you it is disobedience”.

It is still 2010

I am with you Brother Sandy, if 2010 passes and we’re still hear.  I will repent along with you.  My hope is in the Lord, I KNOW what I heard.  I did not hear a date but I know how it is to hear and no one understands and believes and find you are all alone! Make your calling an election sure.  BELIEVE and KNOW! BELIEVE and KNOW!

The question remains, “When He comes, will He find faith on the earth?

One’s actions Dictates what one Believes

He Is Coming!

Blessed be His name

A Sister from Texas