Leslie Fain (6 Dec 2010)
"The white rider"

I agree with Michael that the white rider is not the Holy Spirit but a fact I want to add is that the bow spoken about is not a bow and arrow bow but a fabric bow. It is in the concordance. The concordance number is greek 5115. The hebrew word is "toxon" and the word for a bow and arrow bow is "qesheth" concordance number hebrew 7198

I further point out that Napolean fits the description of the white rider more than any other figure. He rode a white horse, was given a crown and he conquered and went forth conquering. He was also the first to grant asylum to the Jews. He also has a portrait of him sitting on a horse with a large fabric bow.

The red rider neatly describes Hitler who rode a red horse and he definitely took peace from the earth and was the one who killed and persecuted the Jews. I think Israel is the key to end time prophesy and the prophesies concern them.

Dr Owour whom I firmly believe to be a prophet has said that the black horse has already been released which may have been on Oct 29, 2008 when the stock market dropped 777 points and the lottery of Illinois hit 666 4 times that year.

Jesus said it would start like the labor pains of childbirth. The first pain happens and a long interval happens with the labor pains increasing in strength and shorter times between pains.

The pale horse rides just before the pole shift which is the sixth seal. The description
in Rev 6:12 shows a solar eclipse and a blood red moon eclipse which only happens this year and not again until 2015 so we are very close!!

I had a vision when I was around 8 and I am now 55 of a great earthquake and then the rapture.  But before the earthquake was a broken white pillar which men came and put back together then the earthquake happened. I know the white pillar to be Israel but the men putting it back together I think could be how men voted to give Israel back their country.

Just as Jesus told us when we begin to see these things look up for our redemption draws near!! I am waiting and watching!!