Leslie Fain (11 Dec 2010)
"Sabrina and Kevin Heckle"

Sabrina you wrote: The Lord also told me this is the second year (2010) of the 2nd tribulation. I read one time a testimony of a vision of somebody who had met the Lord in heaven and the Lord told him we will be raptured before the 7 years of trib. I then asked the Lord, how is this possible, as you told me (and others) we're already in the 2nd year of the trib? The Lord answered me: Because the rapture is delayed.

I have been shown that this statement is true! Tribulation was scheduled to begin in 2008 but the Lord delayed because the bride was not ready! There were many prophesies the last couple years about this! I heard many times during 2008-2009 the bride was not ready even the bible codes had the word “delayed” But now I am hearing the bride is ready and Jesus is coming very soon! I firmly believe in Gods Word and it says this is the year that trib will begin. The bible speaks of the great pyramid and the great pyramid shows that 2010 is the begining of the years that the world will go through tribulation. All things are already in place even the covenant! Obama made that covenant on June 4. 2008 everything in that meeting was about what he will do for Israel. I don’t normally listen to anything he says because I believe him to be evil but I was looking for any promises he gave to Israel and my search came up with his meeting with AIPAC an organization for Israel.  Here is his speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cOJNC2EuJw
(For those who will say that he has to make a 7 year deal should look at Dan 9:27 again: And he shall confirm the covenant with many/for one week. Obama confirmed or strengthened what promises that America had already given. “For one week” is separate, a statement by Gabrielle giving the timeline.

Obamas speech on Oct 29,2008 the very minute that Kevin Heckle found to show the scene of Rev 12:1 was our conformation of that obama is the antichrist along with the other signs: the number 666 showing 4 times in the Illinois lottery that year as well as the 3rd seal being broken by the drop in the stock markets of 777.68 points.

Another thing is that the time of Jesus’ statement of it being as in the days of Noah is still in effect!

Kevin I want to let you know that when you answered my post about Exodus 12:2 you sent me on a search that is still ongoing. Here are some things I want to put out and see what you think about them. I can now see why there is so much confusion about the calendar!

The Jews say that creation was on or a few days before Rosh Hashanah

I could not find anything prior to Exodus 12:2 that changed the new year to Nissan.
Which is why the Jews use Nissan as the religious new year and Tishrei as the literal new year. Even the Jews say that Exodus 12:2 was when the year changed.

Another fact is that there are separate “signs” or “signal”s for determining seasons and days and years. Genesis 1:14
The signs for seasons are the equinoxes and solstices. But the signs for days and years are the constellations. Before Jesus the equinoxes were in Aries which signified the law and the necessary sacrifice and then when Jesus came the first time the equinoxes were in Pieces thus all the references of Jesus to fish and harvests and now the equinox is about to enter into Aquarius.

But something I found about days and years in all old Jewish text is that each month of the year is associated with a sign in the constellation and tribe. All references were consistent in their rendering of the months. See http://www.betemunah.org/month.html

According to the table we have just entered into the 2nd month or Cheshvan (8th month for the religious year) because Scorpio is the sign of Cheshvan and the sun entered unto Scorpio Nov 24 and will be there until Dec 18 and the new moon also happened in Scorpio on Dec 7 so it means that we are in the 2nd month. So we are in the days of Noah! The 11th day that Methuselah died will be the 18th of December and the flood came on Cheshvan 17, which is Dec 24. Talk about the every last minute!! God is so merciful!!!

The fourth watch is upon us the bridesmaids are all asleep but the bride is watching for her beloved and knows the season of His coming! Maranatha!!