Leigh (6 Dec 2010)
"to   JOHN  and all DOVES   and Virginia ARNKE"

Beloved DOVES,  I read Virginia Arnke  posting on Friday night about TIME IS UP.  I took it very seriously for this is what Dr. Owuor also preaches. I decided to send an email to my son  Arne. While typing this good news to him, I was completely alone. Just as I finished telling him about Virginia and Stars message, a very strange thing happened.   Right at my lefthand side came a VERY LOUD KNOCK!!!! About 12 times.  IT WAS VERY VERY URGENT LIKE WHEN THE POLICE KNOCKS ON YOUR DOOR....  I KNEW THIS IS A SERIOUS WARNING!!!!  I THEN FELT THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THE ROOM.  IT WAS SO OVERWHELMING THE WHOLE ROOM WAS LIKE BEING FILLED WITH HIS POWER....  I ran for the Bible and got this verse.Eph.6 verse 8.....knowing that whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord.  I was goosebumps all over and praised HIS HOLY NAME...  It was like a confirmation on what I told my son about Virginia Arnke's posting about what GOD told her. Love in CHRIST OUR SOON COMING  KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Leigh Australia