K.S. Rajan (30 Dec 2010)
"I saw jesus and heard his voice in dream"

Dear John
The following is mail from my dear daughter Latha in USA about her Rapture dream.This is for encouragement of all Doves.I shall appreciate your response.
In Jesus
Thanks for sharing, Rajan! Let us hope His coming is within the next six months.

    From: Latha 
    Subject: I saw jesus and heard his voice in dream

    Date: Saturday, December 25, 2010, 2:01 AM

    Dear papa
    I had dream cum vision on dec22nd night around 3 and 3:30 am. The dream is as follows. It is so awesome and I couldn't believe myself that Jesus cares for a person so insignificant.
    In the dream I was standing in the sunroom facing towards our glass door and looked into the sky and saw some letters wiriting written in thick black ink in the sky. 3 lines. I vaguely remember the words like BLESSED in the sky. Then I called babbu and bunni sitting in living room to see what I saw in the sky. they came and saw then I told bunni to call chanti bunni was shouting to chanti to come down and see he was upstairs at the computer didn't come. But mom was there i told mom did you see this writing mom replied that she saw and was quiet. All of a sudden  i saw Jesus face passing infront of me saying " I AM COMING SOON - BE READY" and passed by then i asked jesus when are you coming again then while passing by he replied softly  " I AM COMING SOON...........................". Then suddenly i got up and looked the clock it was 3:38am. Then i went to bed and was little afraid because it was jesus. It was so awesome to hear Lords Voice.
    His voice and way our Lord talks no one on earth can be compared. He was so sweet, soft humble and full of love. No wonder lot of people who has seen jesus said he was awesome don't want to leave him. Still I can't believe i had that dream.
    That night before going to bed i prayed and asked God like this. You appear to so many people they don't even know you but why can't you say something to me like that. and went to bed. Not knowing I got this dream.
    So wonderful and awesome.
    I think that is the message to our family Lord is trying to say he is coming and to tell everyone we know.
    Tell Mom also about this....