Katy Brashear (4 Dec 2010)
"Bracket-Plan for America..."

...they spray our sky with poison...they put poison in our water...they gmo our food...they putwater and food into recycled plastic that causes infertility and cancer ...they inject our children with poison ...
 what is "Made in America" anymore ...
 I am holding on to God with everything in me to protect me and everyone I love from the evil that is here and the evil that is coming.
   This makes me think of ... we will be raptured before the wrath of God but for right now ..and the next few minutes (Gods time)..we are in this evil world that satan has his hands all around ... Blessed are those who trust in the Lord.
       well just had to get that out .. God Bless us (Gods children everywhere) with Peace that only comes from Him and may He suply all our needs in Jesus Name I ask.