Katy Brashear (23 Dec 2010)
"Nando - earthquakes - Japan - Bridegroom"

Hi Nando! I have been watching that too I knew with that eclipse there would be some rockin goin on ... so after I read 5 doves I went and checked out the quakes and there have already been so many today ... on a news peice about it "7.4 Japan Islands ... with --- get this --- "moderate" after shocks"... moderate?...are they trippin?....all of them just about are 5 + ...soo I looked up these islands ..it seems to me when "they" the powers that be try to minimize something something is going on .. so I had just started checking out these islands and look at this   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonin_Islands    check out one of them is Mother One is Sister and check out Bridegroom -- Bride?--... cool beans huh?... I am going to go look some more if I find anything else I will send it ...if not God Bless all Gods Children with Peace in Jesus Name ...