Kamie (4 Dec 2010)
"God's words through dementia"

Hi Doves,
I have hesitated sharing the following for personal reasons, however I continue
to feel prompted to write this out. My mother is elderly and has had dementia
for 7 years, which continues to worsen. For the most part she doesn't know who I
am, but sometimes there are moments of clarity when she does. My mother fell two
weeks ago and broke her pelvis. She was in the hospital and her dementia was in
full force. The day prior to going to visit her I had read on the doves about
fleeces and dogs and decided to try it myself. It had nothing to do with the
rapture however, it was about my own need to know that my soul would be counted
among the bride of Christ in the rapture. So I also tried the dog fleece. No dog
showed up. I didn't really doubt my salvation completely but there was a bit of
fear and of course dissapointment in no dog. That night I went to visit my mom
in the hospital. In the middle of her crazy talk (dementia driven) she stopped
talking, openend up her eyes wide and looked right at me. She then said the Lord
had spoken to her and wanted to tell me that I was going to be ok, I was safe.
Shortly after that she went back to her crazy talk and closed eyes. All I could
do was cry, thank God, kiss my mom goodnight and feel peace that I'm safe in the
arms of Jesus. Thank you Doves for helping me get a grip and focus on my walk
with Jesus. This last year has been such a growth time for me, although I've
known the Lord all my life.

On another note, thank you for those who have prayed for the sale of my house. I
would appreciate for continued prayers as it has not sold yet and we are headed
into Christmas time where sales soften more. I am getting behind significantly
each month and really need this sale to happen soon. I am tyring to not be
anxious and trust God, but when the bills keep coming in it gets scary.  Thank
you again!