Judy Morford (18 Dec 2010)
"Christmas Confirmation? Hi to Aumsville Resident?"

Dear John,
Isn't it amazing to find a Dove in Aumsville, Oregon, site of the tornado?  I love it!  Doves pop up all over the world!
One interesting event according to the Dove mentioning the extension of our window to Christmas Day.
When we travelled between Portland and the high desert country in Bend with a house we lived in half time there, I read the following portion of scripture that came on in neon like intensity:  "You will rise up from the desert."  I took that to clearly indicate that we would be in the Bend area when we were raptured.  However, after we rented out the house we lived in there, it seemed very unlikely.
Now we have an invitation from our son there to come for Christmas and as of just a few days ago, our focus has shifted to a Bend, high desert, Christmas. Hmmmm.  Will we rise up from the desert?
Have a blessed Christmas - perhaps we will all rise up together?!
Judy M.
It will be WONDERFUL to celebrate this Christmas with Jesus in heaven!