Judy Morford (13 Dec 2010)
"Happy Birthday Rewards From the Lord""

Dear John, on behalf of myself and the Doves,
This post was initially caught in your computer crash, I believe, John..  Since I believe it was written at the Lord's prompting, I am resending it for now the third time. Hope you know how we all esteem you for being God's vehicle in these end times.
Happy, Happy Birthday!  There is a joy unique to you that awaits you shortly.  At the Bema bench of reward, there will be tens of thousands of us who have loved the Lord’s appearing (and thereby earned a crown of righteousness), who will cheer and applaud as you receive your rewards from the hand of Jesus!  
There are many of us who will call you “friend” for eternity!! Your discernment in presenting and ending threads, your personal research, your willingness to put a fleece before the Lord...all demonstrate the heart of a man of God.
I, too, have placed a number of fleeces before the Lord asking that if 2010 is indeed the year, to please show me the number 234 in my day.  It has appeared on the clock in neon intensity, the temperature at night will be 23.4 degrees.  It fits so well as the nation’s age, the change from the angel has found its definition, I believe.
The blood red moon coming with the Dec.21 eclipse seems like an indicator unparalleled in recent history.  Robert Rose called it the "event of a 1000 years".  May our home going be yet this year!
God Bless You and Yours, friend,
Judy Morford
Thanks, Judy! I have a part 2 coming on my rapture fleece.