Josua (22 Dec 2010)
"Dream about the tribulation"

Dear Doves!

In the night from 15/16. Nov. 2009 I had a dream, and I feel that it
is now time to share it here.

Please note that I was not at all into any kind of "end times"
thoughts at that time, my "wake up call" only happened in May 2010. So
this dream came as a real surprise at that time and at first I really
did not know what to do with it.

At the beginning of the dream, I was sitting in a room next to a man
who was obviously dictating the entire world. In front of us was a
huge screen with a digital map. There were blinking spots all around
the map, one spot represented a person. I only ever saw the man from
behind, he was wearing a long coat and a hat, hiding his face. From
the first moment I knew that it is an extremely ruthless man. I think
it was the Antichrist. However, I did not feel afraid.

The Antichrtist told me: "Let me show you the power I have" and
ordered me to select ANY of the moving spots on the map. I zoomed into
the map to a specific house (I had no idea where this house was, I
just picked it randomly) and in the house there were some moving spots
(persons). I chose one of them randomly.

The Antichrtist said: "Ok, let's go get to that person". We went into
a car where we both sat on the back seat. The driver somehow knew
where to drive and we drove to that particular house. When we arrived
there, some kind of policemen went into the house and arrested that
person and put her into the car on our back seat next to me. I was not
allowed to talk to that person.

Then we drove to some place that looked like a stadium. We drove
directly into it. When we left the car, I could hardly believe what I
saw: Where they usually play sport games, there was some kind of
hurdle race - a circular race with all kind of obstacles (the
environment also reminded me a bit of the horse race of Ben Hur, but
it was a bit smaller). The first thing that caught my attention was
that all people running in the circle had incredibly white clothes
(like shining or glowing a bit) [please note that at that time, I did
NOT yet know about the people in white clothes as written in the book
Revelations!] but their clothes also had blood spots all over them.
The running persons were of all ages, from small children to old aged
men and women. Some of them were really motivated and looked still
happy (as if they did not feel any pain), others were desperate and
full of pain. While watching I realized that there were some kind of
towers with evil people with guns shooting at those people. If the
people reached specific regions on the circular track, the people in
the tower were shooting (and usually hitting) them. If the people were
too slow, they were also shooting them no matter where on the track
they were. So all running people in white clothes were hit sooner or

The Antichrist made a disgusting gesture and said: "It really smells
bad from the many corpses". Now I saw that around and on the track,
there were many dead people lying in their white clothes and blood.

The person which I pinpointed from the map was now "released" from the
car onto the track and started to run on the deadly track. I felt so
incredibly sorry for that person!

Next, I looked around and I saw that the spectator seats were FULL of
people enjoying this horrible show! They were eating hamburgers, hot
dogs etc. while watching how the runners in white clothes died and
they truly enjoyed it! This made me incredibly angry! I could not
believe that they like this kind of entertainment but truly they did!

The Antichrist went back into the car and the car left the place.
While I tried to figure out what I should do next, a man (about 50
years old) from the track run and fell directly into my arms. He tried
to say something but his lungs were shot and he only spit blood out of
his mouth. He was still alive. I kept holding him and started to run,
still holding him. While running, I started to tell him that Jesus
loves him and that Jesus saves him. Although he could not speak, I
felt that he was VERY happy to hear this and so I went on and on
telling him, while he was slowly dying and while I was running. Then
we were shot, fell down, stood up again, were shot, fell down, again
and again. Strangely I did not feel any pain. I thought OK I will just
complete this race for Jesus.

Next - I don't really know how it happened - I somehow managed to
leave the track. I don't know how much I had been running, but I think
it was about 1 or 2 rounds in the deadly circle. Suddenly I was
outside the track and even outside the stadium. I really don't
remember how I managed to escape. Now I was somewhere in a town and
although I absolutely did not know the place or town, I knew that just
a few houses further will be my home. I ran down the street (still
holding the man, although I was pretty sure that he was dead) and
finally arrived to the apartment building where I knew my home was and
where I was sure that as soon as I enter my home I will be safe from
the hunt of the Antichrist. I had to go up some stairs to the entrance
door, but at that moment I realized that my shoelaces were loose. In a
tremendous effort I kept holding the man and somehow bowed down to
bind my shoes with "And your feet shod with the preparation of the
gospel of peace - Eph 6:11" in mind. Only after that I went up the
stairs and right after that I woke up - it was about 2:30 AM.

I was truly amazed by that vivid dream and remembered all details as
written above.

Today I think that this must have been a dream about the tribulation.
I really did not think about anything related to the end of times or
the tribulation back in 2009 when I had that dream. In fact I did not
even know about "Daniels 70th week" yet as I had never studied it. I
only started to sincerely study this kind of things in May 2010.

What I understand is that according to that dream, the Antichrist
raises to global power and will be able to control individuals. He
will hunt down believers  and they - young and old - will each finish
their race for Jesus. Scoffers will enjoy watching them dying.

Today - a good year after that dream - I fortunately have spent enough
time to research the whole topic of the end times and bible prophecy,
Antichrist etc. in much detail. At first the idea of the "rapture"
seemed ridiculous to me - I wanted to be "ready to die" for Jesus as
in my dream. However, the holy spirit opened my eyes for the rapture
with the following scriptures:

Rev. 1 - 3
First of all it helps to understand what the 7 churches possibly
represent (Church Age):
Ephesus: Apostolic Church, ended around 100 A.C.
Smyrna: Martyrs, ended around 312 A.C.
Pergamon: Established Church, ended around 600 A.D.
Thyatira: Roman catholic and orthodox church, still in existence today
Sardes: Reformed church, still in existence today
Philadelphia: Evangelic Church, still in existence today
Laodicea: modern "Show churches" (gospel of prosperity), still in
existence today

Rev 3:7-13
I realized that the Philadelphia type of church is the one to head
for. It is simply the one that loves Jesus and Jesus loves her, and it
is the one that gets the promise of an open door to escape the hour of
testing! Note the "door" Jesus speaks about!

Rev 4:1
Come up here! Note the "open door"!

Matthew 25:1-13
Parable of the wise and foolish virgins. Note the "door" again!

YBIC, Josua