Joe Till (18 Dec 2010)
"My first letter to Doves, Re: The Bride of Christ"

Hi John,

I've been a lurker for quite some time, and enjoy reading the letters on
Five Doves every day for encouragement!

This is the first time I've sent a letter to you, but I felt the need to
share my recent dream and interpretation.  I've NEVER had a dream that I
felt meant something from the Lord, and got an IMMEDIATE interpretation

I have to admit that I've always felt it to be a little hard to picture
myself as a little uncomfortable as a "bride" as in the Bride of Christ.  I
guess it's the guy in me.  I've always felt more comfortable viewing God and
Jesus as my "daddy," and "friend."   I was reading some posts and meditating
on some words talking about the "Bride of Christ" as I was geting ready for
bed the other night, feeling a little guilty that I have a hard time
picturing myself as a "bride."

I fell asleep and had a dream that I know came from the Lord.  In this
dream, I was on a date at a restaurant with someone that I had known as a
friend in my past.  I just felt this incredible love for her, and I've known
that I've loved her for a long time, even though I could sense that she had
done some things wrong in her life, and didn't feel worthy of my love.  She
was very pretty, and attractive, but with a humble "girl next door" kind of
innocence, not some sultry, sexy seductress type of girl.

Anyway, we were enjoying each others company, when I got up and said that I
had to leave to go something for a short time, but I would return soon.  She
looked kind of sad and asked me when I would return, and all I said was soon
and that I would be back to pick her up, and that she should wait for me.
Before I left, I paid the restaurant bill, and got a receipt written in red
ink, and for some reason, I taped it up on a pole in the restaurant (don't
ask me why!).

The next thing I saw was a vision of myself driving my car to go do whatever
I had to do, and when I saw myself, I was around my early 30's, about 10
years younger than I am now, and I had shoulder length hair.

I never saw what it was I was supposed to do, but it seemed like my dream
fast forwarded to the time I was on my way back to the restaurant to pick up
my date, hoping that she was still waiting for me, since some time had
passed.  On my way, I was delayed by various issues, like a road detour.
When I finally got to the restaurant, it was near closing time, and there
were only a handful of people there, cleaning up.  I found my date in a
corner of the bar area of the restaurant, crouched down, sitting on the
floor, like she was tired and just making chit-chat with the bartender who
was cleaning up the bar area.

When she saw me, her face lit up, and she quickly rose up to her feet and we
embraced, and we left together, and lived happily ever after!

Then I woke up.

I just knew that this dream had some sort of significance from the Lord, but
I didn't know what.  I asked the Lord for it's meaning, and I immediately
got the interpretation!  This has NEVER happened before to me, and it was
God helping me understand my place as part of the bride of Christ!

In the dream, I was in the place of Jesus' role, and my date represented His
church.  The date was representative of Jesus' first coming, as we got to
know each other.  Her humble spirit and feeling that she was unworthy was
representative of our sin and repentance.   When I got up to leave was
symbolic of Jesus stating that He had to leave this earth for a short time o
do His Father's will.  Before I left, I paid the bill.  This is obviously
Jesus' death on the cross, paying our debt before He left.  The receipt was
written in red ink (the Blood of Christ), and I hung it on a pole (the

I saw myself as someone in his early 30's, the same age as Jesus when He
died for us.  Some time later, I was on my way back, but was delayed (many
people believe that the Rapture has been delayed for a short time).  When I
returned, it was almost closing time at the restaurant (the end times), and
I found my date sitting on the floor, symbolic of the Church being weary
waiting for His return.  When she saw me, she rose up in great happiness
(the Rapture!), and we embraced and anticipated all the fun things we were
going to do together, living happily ever after (getting married!), and left
the restaurant (we went to Heaven together).  The bartender was left behind,
still working behind the bar, kind of oblivious to us.  He represents the
unbelieving world, focused on the pleasures of this world, represented by
the bar, and will be left behind.

This helped me understand how we are the bride, as I felt such love and
compassion for this woman, and was overjoyed to see her waiting for me, as
we headed off for our new lives together!

Anyway, I just had to share this!   Keep up the good work on Doves and God

Joe Till
Wow! Thanks for sharing your dream, Joe.
Welcome to the Doves!