Jimmy Lishman (31 Dec 2010)
"Missing guest at the wedding"

Hi Doves,

I am a very vivid dreamer, but alas, nowadays do not remember my dreams when I awake,

This morning however I awoke and the dream was so vivid and etched in my memory, I had to tell someone. I told all my children at breakfast and my eldest daughter said – Dad – that’s prophetic!

I dreamed that we were on our way to a wedding (the REAL one) but there was someone missing in my car, I spent an age trying to find the person but everywhere I asked, the people said Oh! He has just left 5 minutes ago!


The LORD pressed on me today to open my eyes and extend the invitation to that person which HE would press on my heart!


I also noted in my Bible study that my study on Friday morning would be Revelation 22 – How did it work out that the past six months of studying of the New Testament on a chapter by chapter basis would end with the last chapter of the Bible, on the last day of 2010.12.30 Co-incidentally, as the Jewish Rabbi’s say I also hold that Coincidence is not a kosher word in my vocabulary.

Inviting all and looking up