JH (15 Dec 2010)
"Possible Rapture"

There is STILL hope for the Rapture in December, and following are some solid facts upon which to reasonably depend:
The Millennial Jewish calendar will be synchronized with the Mazzarot & the Greg/Julian calendar in the Millennium; and Tishrei 1 will be Oct. 1 and Scorpio 1.  Thus, Tishrei 15 (Tabernacles) will be Oct. 15.
If the Return of the Lord is Scorpio 15, then the earth-straightening, 23-day 'loss' ends up at Oct. 15, 2017.  Even though that day is Sun, Tishrei 25, it is the new, appointed Succoth day for the Millennium with the balanced & synchronized calendars & the Mazzarot.  With this in mind for the 1,000-yr Millen, Tish 1 will be Oct 1.   Dec 24 will be Kislev 24, Nisan 1 will be Apr 1.....etc. etc......so much for the earth reverting back to the perfect yearly Millennial Succoth date.  A GREAT event must occur that warrants the huge yearly Succoth celebration during the 1000 yrs (Zech. 14)......not only Jesus' B-day, but the Second Coming as well.
Actual Succoth of 2010 was Sept 23; and if you add 85 days (280 gestation +85 days = 1 solar yr of 365), you arrive at the presumed Rapture date of Tevet 10, Friday, Dec. 17 of this year.  Actual Succoth 2010 to the Millen Succoth date of 2017 (when earth is straight) is a 'Succoth to Succoth' trib span when seen this way, the best pattern imaginable for the trib scenario.  It stands to reason that the gestation of Jesus was the 280 and the remaining days to equal a full year are 85 days for the Church/seeming delay to the Rapture..............365 total/ 'completion of the Body of Christ'.....i.e. one solar year.
With the above in mind, Jesus' Return is Nov 7, 2017, Scorpio 15.  If 75 days are added (as per the Mazzarot cycle), time arrives at Aquarius 1, 2017 (Dec. 28).....realization of that final, great 'Age of Aquarius'/utopia when the 45-day judg of the Nations is completed.
If the Return is Scorpio 15 (resolving to Oct 15, the new Tish 15), then plus 30 days mourning is Sagit 15, the mid point of the great 'conquering/victorious' hero as Jesus marches into Jerusalem from Petra via Bosrah (& a TUESDAY, Nov 14) as recorded in Isaiah 63.  45 days later (judg Nations) arrives at Tevet 10, 2017 (Aquarius 1), Dec. 28.  Aquarius signifies the pouring of water/Holy Spirit over the whole earth ('Millennial Utopia' albeit led by the Lion of Judah w/ strictist adherence to Divine Law).
Notice Tevet 10, 2017 is End of Trib and Tevet 10, 2010 is Rapture........Trib spans Tevet 10 to Tevet 10!  Tevet 10 is a major Fast Day that God said would be 'turned to joy.'
Now as for the 2300 (Dan 8), the Return on Nov 7, 2017 (TUES - '3rd Day') is the end of 2300 days which will presumably begin on TAMMUZ 17, another major fast day that must be 'turned to joy.'  Tammuz 17 is July 19, 2011.
The Northern Invasion of Israel will follow the Rapture immediately and will apparently last 6 days (as per 6-day war, 1967) ending on Tevet 17, Dec. 23 this year.  Add 7 Jewish months of burying bodies/bldg Temple to end up at Tammuz 17, 2011 to begin the Temple Worship.  The 2300 days of Temple Worship ends at Jesus' Return and there are 3 extra days in that span to account for the 3 days at mid-trib when a.c. is dead and the live sacrifices will not be permitted.  Add these numbers:  6 days battle, 208 days burying, 2300 Temple Worship (+3 n.c.) = 2517..  2517 is the 2520 Trib minus 3 days because the 3 days at mid trib will 'overlap' as they won't be counted.  The three 1260's, the 1290 and the 1335 are all still perfect.
Mid Trib in 2014 is presumably May 27 to 30.  May 27 (Iyyar 27) minus the future 22-23 day loss at the Return is Iyyar 5, the 66th anniv of May 14, '48 Statehood....an interesting but perhaps non-applicable point.
The Mid-Trib satanic resurrection of the a.c. is Gemini 10 (10th sign, 10th day, Satan attempts to 'walk w/ humans' as he 'takes ownership' of the great sign of Gemini, the Twins (God & Israel walking together).  It could also mean that God and Israel 'walk together as twins' as He orchestrates the safe passage to Petra for supernatural protection of the Remnant.  We don't know the whole meaning of the 12 Gospel story signs, but meanings are inferred.  The 2 calendars & the Mazzarot (12 mths each, 12 zodiac signs) are 360-day cycles when perfect & Millennial.
Tevet 10 this week is a Friday, and the end of the trib (w/ the -23) is also Tevet 10, Friday.  The trib 'won't be counted;' thus Tevet 10, Friday, 2017 is actually Tevet 10, Friday, 2010......as if 'time stands still.'  The number 10 in the Bible is absolute completion and the 10th Jewish mth, 10th day on both sides of the trib seems significant..  All other Jewish calendar dates held significant meaning (Nis 14 = Deliverance/Cross, etc).........God's numbers & Calendar are perfect.
Perhaps the 'Signing' occurred on Tues, Dec. 14 this year.  But even if the Signing is the same day as the Rapture (Dec 17), the 1260's, 1290 & the 1335 all fit anyway.  I cannot imagine a gap in time between the signing & the Rapture anyway.  Elijah & Moses will arrive the same day as the Rapture as well since their ministry extends to the day a.c. 'rises' and the 2 witnesses will be murdered.
May 27, 2014 when a.c. stops the sacrifices & sets his image in the Temple as 'God' is a TUESDAY.  The Return of Christ on Nov 7, 2017 is also a TUESDAY, supporting the Hosea 6 verse that "Israel shall be raised up on the 3rd Day" in addition to the start of the 3rd THOUSAND on the new, Millennial Succoth.  With all this in mind, the BIG COUNTS begin & end with TABERNACLES (including all the patterns throughout history). The great COUNT point is understandably Tabernacles/Succoth because the Temple veil tore (eliminating the 6th Feast/thus 5th as well) and only Succoth is the Millennial Feast.
Well, that's the last possibility of a Rapture date that I can surmise.  Take it lightly; but it all stands to reason for me.  No one is taking me seriously anymore.....which is fine; but just in case scofferism is to be fought tenaciously to this last & final Rapture date possibility, then let it be pondered......J.H.